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Around the School | Tuesday, 08 Sep 2020

Junior High Precinct officially opened...

The new Junior High Precinct was officially opened on Friday 4 September by Mrs Charis Mullen MP, Member for Jordan and Reverend Paul Smith, Bishop of the Lutheran Church of Australia Queensland District.

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Around the School | Friday, 31 Jul 2020

Fundraising by P&F Committee helping...

The Springfield St Peters Parents & Friends Committee worked hard to raise money for our new amazing educational STEM kits. These LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 kits have been an invaluable contribution for our students in the classroom and also in helping them to prepare for their future.

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Around the School | Wednesday, 20 May 2020

New Junior High Precinct embodies...

True to the St Peters motto ‘Plus Ultra’ the new Junior High Precinct, for Year 7 to Year 9 students, truly embodies its meaning—Ever Higher. The Precinct provides opportunities to bring students together in new ways that will enhance their sense of belonging in Junior High and celebrate life and learning.

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Around the School | Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Students spread joy throughout the...

Year 1 students and staff recently worked on a fun and inspiring task during their online learning program. The ‘The Joy Project’ became a positive, community building, activity involving creative hands-on learning experiences through a variety of mediums.

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Around the School | Tuesday, 21 Apr 2020

Take-away tips for Online Learning

Feeling distracted and worried may be a common theme at the moment but there are always people you can turn to for help. Read about the Springfield Captains' take-away tips for learning online as well as the best places you can go for extra help and support.

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Around the School | Thursday, 05 Mar 2020

Captains share vision for Springfield...

Springfield student leaders put their goals into action and describe their vision, to engage with students and build as many positive relationships as possible, for 2020.

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Around the School | Monday, 24 Feb 2020

Celebrating achievements from academic persistence

When students stretch themselves to reach their goals the community and College celebrate in their achievements.

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Around the School | Friday, 05 Apr 2019

Breaking Ground at Springfield

St Peters Lutheran College Springfield is now in its twelfth year of operation and continues to...

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