Developing Individual Potential

The Primary Years, at St Peters Springfield, is divided into two sub-schools: Lower Primary and Upper Primary. Lower Primary encompasses Prep-Year 3, while Upper Primary covers Years 4-6. Within both of these sub-schools, our students are welcomed into a caring and nurturing environment. It is our aim to develop the individual potential of our Primary Years students, ensuring that they feel valued and supported throughout their educational journey. 

Diverse Curriculum

We offer a diverse curriculum program to our Primary Years students. This program includes a balance of explicit, project and inquiry-based learning. Each year level provides a positive and enriching academic program, taking into account the individual needs and interests of each student. A comprehensive pastoral care program complements this, ensuring that all of our students have the support they need to thrive. All students, from Prep-Year 6, have weekly specialist lessons in Music, French and Health & Physical Education (HPE).

Our Values

St Peters Springfield Primary Years classes value collaboration and contemporary learning. Our students engage in milestone units each year, as we believe these will help them to develop important skills for life now and into the future. All milestone units are celebrated with both the school and the parent community. Genuine relationships are important at each level in our Primary Years to ensure students and family members feel part of the St Peters community. These partnerships also help to ensure engagement and success when it comes to the balance between school and home work.

It is so incredibly humbling seeing a Principal and Head of Junior School remaining so connected and 'in-touch' with the school community at large.

— Mikki and Pete Main