Leadership opportunities for Primary & Secondary Years

We know that through the process of developing and implementing initiatives, student leaders gain valuable skills in project management, communication and teamwork. Students are encouraged to take initiative, think creatively, and to be reflective in their leadership practices. By fostering a culture of student-led initiatives, our focus on building student leaders helps to create a dynamic and engaging school community where students are encouraged to take ownership of their learning and contribute to the development of a positive school culture.

We have a range of opportunities for students to discover their latent gifts and talents through various leadership opportunities across both the Primary and Secondary Years.

The student leadership model at St Peters Lutheran College Springfield centres on a portfolio model that encourages students to take responsibility for specific areas of the school community. In the Secondary school, these portfolios include Academics, Wellbeing, Sport, The Arts, Culture, Faith and Service, as well as House leadership. Student leaders who hold a portfolio leadership position are tasked with collaborating with staff, students and external stakeholders to develop initiatives, programs and events that promote excellence and innovation in their respective areas. All students from Years 7-12 are invited to join a portfolio within their passion area and contribute their unique gifts. The portfolio model of student leadership enables students to develop a deeper understanding of the various aspects that contribute to a successful school community.