Building Confidence

The words ‘public speaking’ or ‘presentation’ are words that could make the best of us cringe. The art of capturing the audience’s attention, being articulate and being in an exposed position to be judged are daunting but, in today’s society, couldn’t be more important. Without solid communication, the ability to engage, progress, converse and influence is diminished. At St Peters Springfield, we cultivate communication skills, build confidence, encourage self-assuredness and teach our students how to develop persuasion techniques. By developing public speaking skills, both in and out of the classroom, we produce students who are articulate and influential.

Debating, Mooting & Youth Parliament

Debating is a core cocurricular opportunity for Upper Primary and Secondary students. Our Primary students compete in a local evening competition, while Secondary students take part in the Queensland Debating Union Competitions as well as Virtual Debating. In addition to this, Years 11-12 Legal Studies students engage in Mooting Competitions. These competitions take place in mock court settings with a real judge presiding over the legal cases presented by defense and prosecution teams. Students are also actively engaged as young leaders through United Nations Youth and Youth Parliament programs which requires them to lend their voices to current social and political issues.

An education at St Peters Springfield seeks to engage the mind, body and spiritual development of each child. Our commitment to academic excellence and a holistic education seeks to nurture and encourage each student to realise their potential, passions and purpose in life.