Enhancing Learning Potential 

Sport is an important part of life in the Primary Years. By being active, through sport, students can better cope with the demands of school life and develop physically, mentally and socially. Sport assists with coordination and gross motor skill development. It also helps students to build self-confidence, self-esteem and resilience. Students who participate in sport, on a whole, have:

  • positive attitudes
  • good teamwork skills
  • self-discipline 
  • a reduced risk of obesity 
  • healthy bone and muscle development

Studies have also found that sport can enhance the learning potential of children. Students who participate in sport while studying have a greater expectation of results and can achieve higher marks. They also enjoy a greater connection with the school through building stronger relationships in school (and away from it), and feel a greater attachment to family.

Lower Primary Sports Club

The Lower Primary Sports Club operates at St Peters Springfield in Terms 1 and 2. On Friday mornings, students in Years 3-4 can train before school in Rugby, Soccer, Netball and Basketball. The purpose of this program is to upskill students in preparation for participation in the Associated Independent Colleges (AIC) and Metropolitan Meets on entry into the Upper Primary cocurricular program.

Years 4–6

The Primary Years sporting competition is participation based and focuses on skill development in a nurturing environment. Girls in Years 4-6 are involved in the Andrews Cup ‘Metro’ Meets competition, as well as club sport competitions in Netball and Basketball. Years 4-6 boys are invited to compete in some AIC sports. For Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics, students in the Primary Years compete in Inter-Lutheran (Southern Lutheran Association Primary Schools) and District carnivals (West Taylor Bridge).