Sustaining College Life

The Springfield Parents and Friends (P&F) Committee are an active and essential component of the College. Through their involvement in whole-of-College events and social activities, they enhance and sustain the life of St Peters Springfield. The P&F Committee provide a forum for the parent body, support a range of College-run clubs and go to incredible fundraising lengths to benefit the wider College community. 

The P&F Committee was established to:

  • Build Community
  • Encourage Communication
  • Provide Education
  • Enact Social Coordination
  • Provide Community Service

These aims are achieved in ways listed below. 

Building Community

The Springfield P&F Committee work to build community by enabling and developing a strong, supportive and interactive network of families.

Encouraging Communication

Communication is encouraged by the P&F Committee. They specifically promote a positive environment of communication between parents, teachers and students.

Providing Education

The P&F Committee are committed to enhancing the life of those in the St Peters community. They provide active learning opportunities for all P&F members.

Social Coordination

By acting as a forum for St Peters Springfield parents, the P&F committee actively nurture relationship building within the College community.

Community Service

St Peters Lutheran College Springfield is underpinned by strong Christian values. The P&F Committee have adopted these values and work to foster a cohesive and caring College community.