Leaders at Springfield

Meet our team

Principal — Mrs Natalie Houston

Mrs Houston is a passionate and forward-focused educator who has held leadership roles across three Lutheran schools. She served as a Founding Staff Member of St Peters Lutheran College Springfield from 2008 to 2012, giving her a unique insight into what makes St Peters Springfield special. Committed to lifelong learning, Mrs Houston holds a Bachelor of Arts (English and History/Ancient History) and a Bachelor of Education from the University of Queensland, a Graduate Certificate in Religious Education from Australian Lutheran College, a Master of Education from Australian Lutheran College and a Master of Educational Leadership from Australian Catholic University. She is currently completing a Master of Business Administration (Leadership). Mrs Houston has served on Lutheran school and church councils, bringing governance experience to her role.

Head of Secondary Years – Mr Dominic Piacun

Mr. Piacun has been teaching and leading schools across Queensland, New South Wales, and Japan for 18 years with extensive training and experience as an Instructional Pedagogical Coach. In addition to his vast experience, he also holds a Master of Business (Management), Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Creative Industries, and a Diploma of Sustainability and Carbon Accounting. Mr. Piacun and his approach to leadership is founded on principles of trust, empowerment, and alignment.

Head of Primary Years — Ms Prueann Browning

Ms Browning is an innovative and experienced educator and leader who is committed to excellence and the continued development of high-quality teaching and learning in the Primary Years environment. Her leadership philosophy is to strive for continual growth and self-improvement. Ms Browning’s strength is leading and managing pedagogical and curriculum innovation in the Primary Years. She has vast experience in leading inquiry-based learning and has also been a committed leader of global-mindedness in learning, having led the implementation and evaluation of the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP) as PYP Coordinator over the past 15 years within Australian schools and a United Nations international school in Vietnam. In addition to her teaching qualifications, she is an accredited Leader and Christian Studies teacher within Lutheran schools.

Chaplain — Pastor Matthew Wilksch

In 2012, Pastor Matt accepted the call to a dual role of Chaplain at St Peters Springfield and Church Planting Pastor to what has become Arise Lutheran Church. Pastor Matt was ordained by the Lutheran Church of Australia in 1999 completing his vicarage at St Stephen’s Lutheran Church in Adelaide. He subsequently served as Pastor at the Rosewood District Lutheran Parish in Rosewood Queensland and at Grace Lutheran Church, Bridgewater, South Australia before joining St Peters.

Director of Studies and Pedagogy (Years 7 - 12) – Miss Sarah Gunn

Having worked across diverse school systems both nationally and internationally, Miss Gunn has expertise in leading and innovating curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment. In addition to holding a Bachelor of Arts and a Graduate Diploma of Education from the University of Queensland, Miss Gunn has recently completed a Master of Educational Leadership at Queensland University of Technology. She is passionate about applying current educational research and responding to international trends to drive impactful school improvement initiatives, particularly in optimising student literacy outcomes.