Virtual Tour LIVE: May 27, 2020
5pm to 6pm

Join us for our Virtual Primary Years Open Day experience. A specific event focused towards all families with students in Primary Years seeking to enrol in 2021 and beyond.


Collaborative Learning

Our Upper Primary students (Years 4-6) build upon the foundations established in our Lower Primary years. Students are encouraged to become more independent with a focus to take on an active role in their learning process. They are given increased responsibility for managing and organising their learning and continue to develop independent work habits. Students also develop their ability to work collaboratively in groups through planned and meaningful activities. 

Support & Guidance

Experienced staff support each of our Upper Primary students in their learning and personal development. At St Peters Springfield, there is a focus on resilience and risk taking. The aim of this is to challenge students in their learning and to help them develop contemporary thinking both inside and outside the classroom. 

To engage students in learning, the Australian Curriculum is presented through interactive, purposeful activities and projects. Most subjects are integrated across the learning areas with a growing emphasis on ICT skills. Through the BYOT program, students use their iPads as a learning tool from research to designing. Students are also involved in a developmental camping program in Years 4-5 and travel to Canberra in Year 6 as part of their unit of study on government.  

As an internationally minded school, we have an established sister school relationship with Sharon Lutheran School in Hong Kong. Students in the Upper Primary years have the opportunity to interact with Sharon Lutheran School students, to encourage collaborative learning on an international scale. 

I do not know of any other school or any other teachers who sacrifice their personal family time and weekend time to send an email after hours when a question needs an answer. This has been our experience with the girls teachers incredibly dedicated and passionate about what they do it truly shows.

— Mikki and Pete Main