Virtual Tour LIVE: May 27, 2020
5pm to 6pm

Join us for our Virtual Primary Years Open Day experience. A specific event focused towards all families with students in Primary Years seeking to enrol in 2021 and beyond.


Laying the foundations 

In the Lower Primary Years (Prep-Year 3), there is a strong focus on early literacy and numeracy skills. We aim to ensure that all students are engaged and feel successful in their learning. We do this by diversifying activities and offering an accompanying pastoral care program. Our Lower Primary Years students take part in fine and gross motor activities, begin their immersion with technology and continue to be supported in their social and emotional growth. 

Support & Guidance 

Guided and individual selected play experiences are important for students in their early schooling years. This helps them to make sense of their world and to experiment with ideas. Early intervention is important throughout our Lower Primary years so that there is an understanding of the way each student learns. Differentiation through small group and individual work, as well as agile learning spaces, support the individual needs of each student.

Our Prep–Year 3 students engage in the Australian Curriculum through active learning, problem solving, questioning and cooperative tasks. Technology is integrated in their learning through Beebots, iPads and Chromebooks.

It is so incredibly humbling seeing a Principle and Head of Junior School remaining so connected and 'in-touch' with the school community at large.

— Mikki and Pete Main