Rich & diverse opportunities

Music is an integral part of student life at St Peters Springfield. Students are encouraged to learn instruments, participate in ensembles and serve the community through their passion for music from a young age. We seek to offer every child the opportunity to develop their musical abilities. Our music program expands student knowledge and experience and broadens horizons, with many students continuing on to pursue tertiary studies or adopt a career in the music industry.

Research consistently affirms the many benefits of music education for students. These include cognitive development, language and linguistic development, academic achievement, social-emotional and motor functioning and student wellbeing. At St Peters Springfield, all Prep–Year 9 students receive vocal, instrumental and written musical experiences through their classroom music program. Years 10-12 students can select this in their electives.

Private tuition

Private tuition is available for students from Prep–Year 12 in the following disciplines: Brass, Woodwind, Strings and Percussion, Piano, Voice, Guitar and Speech & Drama. These lessons are arranged through the Private Tuition Coordinator, in conjunction with private tuition tutors and class teachers. Lesson times are scheduled on the same day each week and work on a rotating schedule so that the same class is not missed each week.

More information can be found by downloading the Private Tuition Handbook.