Religion in Society

St Peters is a Christian School. This informs all activities at St Peters through teaching and learning.


The Lutheran Education Australia Core Values of love, justice, compassion, forgiveness, service, humility, courage, hope, quality and appreciation are fostered through a range of spiritual activities. All students engage in weekly Chapel services and in their daily Pastoral Care classes. Christian Studies provides a broad overview of aspects of the Christian Faith and the role of religion in society, including the study of world religions.

Students and their families are invited to participate in the monthly Community Celebration and weekly Sunday worship services held at St Peters by Arise Lutheran Church.

Pastoral Care

St Peters provides pastoral care to all students through pastoral care classes, chaplaincy and counselling services and through the care and concern of all staff.

Here at the College we are using the REVAMP Positive Psychology framework based on the work of world-renowned psychologist, Dr Martin Seligman, to help develop positive mental health for all members of our community.

Healthy relationships are key to the wellbeing of our whole community and are fostered through our Restorative Practices approach. Restorative Practices mean students and staff take responsibility for their actions. The goal is restoring relationships by identifying the harm that has occurred, taking the necessary steps to address this and being held accountable so true reconciliation can occur.

Our community is one in which we foster positive relationships and culture for all; this is a place where we nurture belonging and help every student learn and be their best, every day.

Service Learning

Our Christian Ethos is given practical expression by our Service Learning program. Students learn they have a divine purpose to serve their neighbour in acts of kindness in mutually-beneficial relationships.

St Peters partners with a range of organisations to enable students to serve others, whether they be within our school community, across the road, or around the world.

Teaching methods are professional and can be individualised. Teachers are great. There is an emphasis on Christian values and the school has a real sense of community.

— Denise Ozuome