Flexible Structured Programs

The Exceptional Learners Department is a part of the total education system at St Peters Lutheran College. The department works collaboratively to nurture and develop students towards their full potential. This is done through flexible structured programs; reasonable inclusion and equitable access to learning for all.

Vision Statement

The Exceptional Learners Department aims to work collaboratively with enrolments, sub-schools, chaplains and counselling to meet the needs of students P-12 through an inclusive model. The department aims to ensure student’s academic needs are met while nurturing and supporting each individual in reaching their full potential, while becoming self-directed, resilient and long term contributing members of the wider community.

Exceptional Learners may include:

  • Students with specific diagnosed learning difficulties, disorders and impairments such as visual impairment, hearing impairment, physical impairment, intellectual impairment, autistic spectrum disorder, speech language impairment, social emotional disorder and processing disorders.
  • Students with learning difficulties; literacy, numeracy and or metacognition.
  • Gifted and talented (G&T) students.
  • English as an additional language (EAL) students.

In some instances, students may have multiple needs and are catered to accordingly across either Learning Support, EAL and/or G&T using a collaborative approach within the Exceptional Learners Department.

"The mission of the College espouses the belief that all students have the right to access and participate fully in the programs offered by the College. St Peters is committed to identifying and eliminating the barrier that prevent some students from participating in, and achieving their potential. St Peters is actively working towards the recognition and acknowledgement of the different characteristics and circumstances of individual students, to ensure appropriate responses are developed to cater for their needs".