Virtual Secondary Years Open Day

Your family needs to make a decision around which high school you intend to partner with for your child’s secondary education. You have questions that you need answered. You would like to meet with staff and visit the school, but with Covid-19 restrictions currently in place, how do you do this?

At St Peters Springfield, we know that right now it is difficult to ‘connect’ with prospective schools, have your questions answered and check your values are aligned. All of which is essential to you making an informed choice for your child’s future.

Join us for our Virtual Secondary Years Open Day experience.  A specific event focused towards all students in Year 7 through to Year 12 seeking to enrol in 2021 and beyond.   Register for this special online event where you can actually ‘visit’ our school in a similar way to a regular Open Day.

But why should you register to attend...?

  • Our Principal will guide you through the Learning Journey at St Peters Springfield taking into account our school’s history, community and culture and our core values and expectations, which allow you to decide whether we share similar values and aspirations with regards to your child’s education.
  • Understand how our school approaches our core business of teaching and learning with specific information surrounding the quality of the education you can expect. Detailing key learning milestones and providing information on ‘rites of passage’ including our signature Year 9 Outdoor Education Camp at Ironbark allows you to visualise your child(ren) as a St Peters student. You can be confident in the rigour we apply to maintain our mission of ‘excellence in Christian co-education’.
  • Participate in a guided virtual walk through of key areas of our campus including our impressive Junior High Precinct opening early in Term 2 2020. Let us walk with you through this new facility with explanation of its features and how they are designed in support of your child.
  • The best way to understand how we demonstrate care, and apply our collective experience and expertise is to listen to staff explain how we support our students with their transition to high school and then later, with subject selection and career planning options.
  • Research indicates that ‘Generation Z’ will, by necessity, need to be more responsive and agile at work. This generation are predicted to change career more frequently than any we have seen previously. Let us explain to you how in collaboration with families we use all resources at our disposal to assist students to articulate not only ‘what’ they want to be but ‘who’ they want to be with structured tertiary learning goals and ideals. Be able to see the value in this approach that prepares your child(ren) for the future.
  • Technology has altered the way we work, and created new work roles, patterns and opportunities. Are you clear on what the STEAM acronym represents? Do you know how technology is used at St Peters so that students can adapt and learn whilst gaining necessary teamwork and collaborative skills.
  • When you trust and partner with St Peters for your child’s education, how can you be sure that they are being educated to become their very best? How do you know that our school has the student’s success and wellbeing at the forefront of everything that we do? Listen to our Principal once again as he explains the support network to students and families and how we put ourselves in the parent’s shoes and encourage our students in their learning journey adhering to our motto ‘Plus Ultra’ and by providing leadership opportunities.
  • The maxim, ‘before you begin, have the end in mind’ is wholly appropriate and relevant at St Peters. But why is our graduate tree an important visual to assist you with your choice of school? You can be confident that our genuine approach to providing a holistic education, combined with extensive co-curricular and extra-curricular activities truly support our students to learn every day. Ultimately, this approach equips our graduates with skills necessary to become lifelong learners, actively seeking continual growth as they develop their capabilities, gifts and talents and use them in service to others in community.
  • If all of this was not enough and you still have questions, engage in a ‘live’ Question & Answer information session where key members of staff will participate to provide you with the answers you need.