Unique Brisbane tour provides Year 6 with insight into Law & Order

A unique opportunity was created after the cancellation of our Year 6 political tour to Canberra in 2020. In true Plus Ultra spirit our teachers persevered and were able to provide an educational experience encompassing all the wonderful aspects of the Canberra tour called the ‘Law and Order Tour’. The excursion proved so successful that it is now a regular feature for Year 6 during Term 1 as part of the new Student Leadership model. 

As an orientating experience into the leadership program Year 6 will explore what being a good leader entails and the many ways in which every person can be a leader. Students have the opportunity to engage in a variety of fun and collaborative team building and trust building activities with the assistance of Character Builders, an outside organisation which specialises in implementing leadership models in schools.

The program directly ties in with the Term 1 inquiry study into ‘How laws create order’. To ensure our students have engaging hands-on experiences, excursions have been organised to Queensland Parliament House, Old Government House, the Queensland Supreme Court and Anzac Square. Visits to these destinations provide a deeper insight into the processes of law and order and how leadership can be demonstrated from a variety of perspectives.

Year 6 teacher, Mr Matthew Knight, says “students learn so much about the history of their country, federation, democracy, our system of Government and how the law works. They’re also involved in many opportunities which foster positive relationships and a variety of rich pastoral care opportunities.”

“We want to provide rich learning experiences and we also want to give our students a chance to have fun.”

Last year the 2020 ‘Law and Order’ tour was a complete success. “No other schools seemed to be engaging students in anything like this, so we took the opportunity to design our own tour. A process which was extremely challenging given that social distancing requirements were constantly changing on an almost weekly basis.”

During the pandemic communication with the destinations was critical and needed to be constantly maintained. “We chose destinations for our tour in consideration with what students would have been enjoying in Canberra.” Instead of Federal Parliament Year 6 visited State Parliament, instead of Government House students visited Brisbane’s Old Government House. Instead of Questacon they went to Brisbane’s Science Centre, the Victorian Army Barracks instead of the Australian Defence Force.” There was also a wonderful social component as well, “students had great fun on the bus and spent quality time together as they walked to different destinations. We celebrated the completion of our tour with a BBQ and a movie.”

Head of Primary, Mrs Debbie West-McInnes says, “These places are inspirational for our students because they learn about local history. It’s a great pleasure to see how the 2020 tour has evolved and is now part of the Term 1 inquiry process.”

“How laws create order provides a wonderful learning experience and encourages our student engagement throughout the term.”
Law and Order agenda:
  • Role playing at Queensland Parliament House 
  • Old Government House
  • Queensland Supreme Court. 
  • Anzac Square (dependent on weather)
  • Becoming crime scene detectives at The Queensland Police Museum using augmented reality. 
  • Victoria Army Barracks for an insightful exhibition and tour. 
  • Boggo Road Goal for an informative tour then onto the Commissariat Store Museum
  • The Science Centre and Museum for some more educational fun and learning time. 

The Leadership Program is committed to guiding Year 6 students to becoming independent young people equipped with important 21st century skills in conflict resolution, creative thinking, decision making, problem solving, time management, communication, empathy, team-work, confidence and resilience.

Thank you to Mr Matthew Knight, our Year 6 Upper Primary Key Pastoral Care Teacher, Mrs Danielle Braiden and Primary staff for organising this unique opportunity for our Year 6 students.

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