An engaged & vibrant community

St Peters Parents and Friends (P&F) group works with the College to celebrate our College spirit and cultural diversity. They aim to develop strong partnerships with the wider community and ensure that our students benefit from these community networks, skills, resources, and expertise.

The P&F focus is on community building, friend-raising and provision of financial support to parent groups within the St Peters community. They work together with other parent groups (including Sport and Music Support Groups) to improve the quality of cocurricular programs and activities for students.

The aims of the P&F group are to: 

  • provide support, information and an avenue for involvement for parents, guardians and caregivers in their children’s education and the greater school community
  • encourage collaboration between parents, guardians, caregivers and school staff
  • support and nurture the Christian ethos of the College

In addition to this, the P&F objectives are to:

  • build community
  • facilitate collaboration
  • enable social engagement
  • perform community service

The P&F Centre

The P&F group meet in the P&F Centre at St Peters Indooroopilly. Other groups also meet in the P&F centre, including Parent Support Groups and the Community Hub. The role of Parent Support Groups is to support the activities of the College and assist College-appointed representatives in the organisation of events and fundraising. The Community Hub is a parent group made up of parents from all sub-schools, who meet every Thursday in the P&F Centre. 

The role of the Community Hub is to bring community members together and help new families settle in. The Hub helps St Peters and wider community by providing handmade and donated goods to Knitting for Brisbane’s Needy, Pillowcases for Oncology Kids and families in need in our local area. They also support College activities such as the Year 8 Kaleidoscope Production and Year 9 Christian Studies.

Community Grants

The Community Grants Program was established in 2009 to provide financial assistance to Parent Support Groups who seek to develop and improve the educational experience of St Peters students. The Program allows for $75 000 to be granted to parent groups annually.

Getting Involved

At St Peters, we understand the importance of an engaged and vibrant community. That's why the Parents and Friends group form a vital part of our St Peters family. There are many opportunities for involvement through P&F Events and initiatives like the Community Hub and Parent Support Groups.

To get involved, click here to provide your preferred support group details.