Centre for Learning & Innovation

Expected Completion: 2022

St Peters is driven to provide the very best learning environments for its students. For over 75 years, the College has led by example when encouraging students to aim Plus Ultra – Ever Higher in their academicco and extra-curricular pursuits. St Peters’ ability to provide excellence in Christian co-education has risen from always ensuring that students have access to state-of-the-art facilities and a positive, holistic approach to education.

Over the years, the definition of 'state-of-the-art' has evolved with emerging technologies. St Peters has moved with these changes, embracing ‘the new’ and incorporating it into everyday College life. The Centre for Learning & Innovation is an extension of this—it’s the College’s answer to our rapidly changing world, and a way to continue to produce critical, creative thinkers and life-long learners with the courage to always seek new horizons.

Adding to the Legacy

St Peters Indooroopilly’s Centre for Learning & Innovation is an integral part of the College’s ‘Building Our Preferred Future’ Masterplan (2020 – 2030). The four-storey building will reflect the best about how students learn and act as a space that encourages growth in teaching and learning practices—both best practice and next practice.

The building will be for all students, from Prep – Year 12. Located in the College heart, it’s contemporary design will speak to the existing, historical Langer Library and the heritage-listed St Peters Chapel. Being part of the College’s Strategic Intent, Plus Ultra 2025, the Centre will be future focused, while remaining true to the vision of St Peters’ founding Headmaster, Mr W C Schneider, whose great hope was for the College to be:

“A school where your sons and daughters will get the best possible training; a school which should do much good for the church and the country.”

The integration of smart technologies throughout the building will make it cutting edge. Flexible learning spaces will enable students and teachers from different Year Levels to use the building simultaneously and for multiple subject disciplines, plus the comfortable, informal learning spaces will provide a place for students to study and relax before and after class.

A Building and A Learning Resource

The design of the Centre for Learning & Innovation has incorporated both high-level principles and the opinions of our current and Old Scholar communities. Among its key features, the following elevate its contemporary design to ‘first class’ status:

Flexible Architecture

The design of the building will promote flow and connections, especially between indoors and outdoors. Different sections of the building will be at Child/Student Scale depending on the age of the students using it and the flexible nature of the architecture will accommodate current and evolving pedagogies and technologies.

Flexibility in Function

The Centre will be ‘future-proofed’, offering agile learning spaces that can be easily reconfigured and repurposed. The spaces within the Centre will be able to change depending on the group/s using it, the time of the semester, and the learning demands of subject disciplines.

Building as ‘Teacher’

The Centre will incorporate and build upon the innovative features currently in use in other St Peters classrooms (i.e. writable surfaces and WiDi technology). Unique features, like rainwater gardens, will transform the building itself into a learning tool!

Spatial Synergy

The spaces within the Centre will be zoned for sound, safety, behaviours and activities (i.e. quiet zones, mobile device friendly zones and zones for busy focused noise). There will also be social and linking spaces, enabling collaboration and other interactive activities.

Energy Efficient Design

Sustainability is important. The Centre will incorporate a range of energy efficient technologies and maximise natural light.

Find out more

To find out more about the Centre for Learning & Innovation, visit the Our Vision page to view the Masterplan document. If this building sounds like something you would like your child/ren to have access to, please contact our Indooroopilly Admissions team.

Images & Fly Through Video

Please note that the Fly Through video (top of page) and all images featured on this page are impressions of the proposed building and are subject to change. We look forward to sharing the end result with you in the near future.