St Peters Lutheran College Indooroopilly welcomes applications from Domestic and Overseas students. Please find both fee schedules below.

School Fees Planning

School fee payments can be a large portion of the family budget and therefore the below service providers are available to help ease this financial burden.

Please note these providers are available to the general public and external to the College. The College does not recommend a specific service provider and independent financial advice should be sought prior to entering any financial arrangement.


Edstart allows you to pay your school fees in weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments. You can spread your fees evenly across the school year, as well as reduce your repayment amount by extending the cost over a longer timeframe. For more information, visit

Futurity Investment Group

The Tuition Instalment Loan can help spread the costs of a full year into easy and manageable repayments over a 12-month period. Further information, including details of the lending criteria that apply, can be obtained directly from Futurity Investment Group.


2024 Domestic Fees Schedule

Please click here to access the 2024 Domestic Fees Schedule. 


2024 Overseas Fees Schedule

Please click here to view the 2024 Overseas Fees Schedule.