Nurturing Hearts

Pastoral Care is at the cornerstone of St Peters Boarding. From the moment a new Boarder begins at St Peters, they are always supported. Our Boarding staff are primarily concerned for the welfare of each and every Boarding student so that they feel both supported and cared for. The Girls and Boys Boarding Coordinators oversee the care, supervision and development of all Boarders to ensure their social, spiritual, emotional and physical needs are met. The Boarding Coordinators are well supported in their role by Senior Resident Staff, Resident Supervisors and Study Mentors.

Additional Support

The St Peters Chaplains and Counsellors are also available to provide a supportive Boarding environment. Boarders can check in with our Chaplains, as needed, and private and confidential appointments with our counselling staff can be arranged after hours. The security and safety of our Boarders and their belongings is of primary concern to all our Boarding staff. Being located in one of Brisbane’s most sought-after residential suburbs, our well-lit, secure grounds are monitored daily by security staff.

Adopt A Boarder

The St Peters ‘Adopt a Boarder’ program is an important part of the wellbeing initiative at the College. Through this program we match College staff with a Boarding student so that they can share one-on-one time in a supportive way. This program has been highly successful in supporting our Boarding students over the years.