Supporting our students

St Peters is very proud to possess a comprehensive, structured Career Development Program and proactive counselling service. Our Careers and Counselling staff work closely with students to ensure that they are well prepared for the future and feel safe and confident while attending the College. 

Career Guidance

The St Peters Indooroopilly Career Development Program is evidence based, holistic and supports student exploration as they navigate subject selection and post-school decision making. The well-resourced Careers Centre, together with the professionally qualified and experienced Careers Counselling Team, serve to provide a proactive, responsive and collaborative Careers Counselling service. 

Our supportive Career Guidance team work closely with students to enhance their awareness of self. This includes knowledge of their Natural Abilities (obtained from testing undertaken in Year 10) and an awareness of the evolving and complex world of work beyond the classroom. The team ensure that all students are ready for the future, taking influences such as Artificial Intelligence, globalisation and technology advancements into account. 

Our Careers Development Program includes:

  • Natural Ability Testing and the use of other inventories to enhance knowledge of ‘self’
  • Structured ‘Career Development’ lessons
  • Subject selection guidance and SET Planning
  • One-on-one counselling sessions and academic mentoring
  • Presentations from tertiary institutions and industry specialists

Students can also access support when applying for domestic, interstate and international institutions in the leadup to their graduation. 


The Counselling team at St Peters is comprised of qualified, dedicated counselling professionals. Alongside the Chaplaincy team, they provide specialist guidance in personal matters to all St Peters students. Our counsellors are concerned with the wellbeing of the individual. They are also available to boarders and their families at all times.