St Peters Old Scholars Association (SPOSA)

Saints for Life

SPOSA is the St Peters Old Scholars Association and aims to connect St Peters alumni, so they will stay in touch, share stories, and support the student community through alumni events, bursaries, and networking; and encouraging an ongoing and enduring connection with St Peters.


Students who have been enrolled and attended the College for at least one full term are eligible members of SPOSA, automatically. They become ‘A Saint for Life'. There are more than 20,000+ Old Scholars of St Peters. Through SPOSA, Old Scholars are encouraged to stay in touch with their fellow classmates and foster lifelong fellowships with classmates and with St Peters. The alumni experience encompasses invitations to special events, Founders Day, Class Reunions and the Annual Reunion weekend.


*The Old Scholar Tutor Network was established as an internal service, encouraging Old Scholars to self-nominate to tutor current St Peters students. Access to the Network is via Firefly and requires a St Peters (parent, student or staff) login. If you do not have St Peters login details, you will not be able to access the link above. To find out more, or to be added to the Old Scholar Tutor Network, please contact the SPOSA Office.


St Peters has a dedicated Archive, located on the bottom level of the P&F Centre, in which the history of St Peters is preserved for future generations. Since the founding of St Peters Lutheran College in 1945, the Old Scholars of St Peters have been collecting and preserving objects and information for future generations. The collection contributes to the conservation of the history and heritage of St Peters Lutheran College.


The ambition of the Archives is to photograph and catalogue each artefact and enter the data into Archive Manager. Artefacts may then be easily identified and located, when needed for research projects, for example. If you are interested in the history of St Peters and would like to help us in the Archives, please contact the SPOSA Office for more information.


We are eager to receive any donations or bequests that you might want to make. In particular, we are looking for school uniforms prior to 2005, Reviews from 1960, and photos of the old Chapel. Please contact the SPOSA Office on +61 7 3377 6592 for more information on how to make your donation.

SPOSA Committee

At the 2021 Annual General Meeting, the following Old Scholars were voted in to represent members by forming the SPOSA Committee. The committee meets once a month, and governs the direction of the association, finances, events, communications, and other functions of SPOSA. If you are interested in attending our Committee meetings, or would like to get in touch, please contact the SPOSA Office on +61 7 3377 6592.

SPOSA Committee Members
Llewellyn Jones (1983)
Vice President
Rob Barber (1990)
Vice President
Rowena Lester (Fulton 1991)
Anne Fulton (1988)
James Armstrong (2016)
Regional Representative
Margaret Curnow (Neumann 1960)
Patron and Toowoomba Representative
Margaret Curnow (1960)
Greg Morton (1989)
Zoe Truesdell (1998)
Cass Sun (1991)
Jen White (1996)
Julie Ross (1969)
Bradley Porter (1975)
Karel Baum (1976)