Structured Skills Development

The St Peters Athletic Development Program (ADP) is designed to assist St Peters Students as they grow and develop through their teenage years. The program is run through the College's Health & Wellbeing Centre (Gymnasium) and includes both individual and team training sessions. All students are able to take part in the ADP, regardless of what sport they play or their level of experience—the focus of the program is on movement efficiency, regardless of what type of an athlete the student is. Safety and support are key. The St Peters Athletic Performance and Development Coordinator currently oversees a team of experienced coaches to ensure the structure of the program is maintained. The team are committed to ensuring the development, understanding and maximum benefits achieved from the ADP are consistent over time. 

Training Sessions

ADP training sessions are designed to suit various levels of fitness and will meet specific requirements for athletes throughout their sporting journey. Young or inexperienced students do an age-appropriate program, while athletes training for the Olympics can do a tailor-made program for their elite level. Most training sessions take place in the weights gym, below the College Gymnasium*. The facilities within the gym are first-rate and designed to improve student fitness levels. 

All students are assessed prior to commencing the ADP. This assessment is made to gauge their existing abilities and determine their sporting goals. Experienced staff then design a program around these goals. They teach the students proper techniques and talk to them about their expectations and responsibilities in relation to the program. After discussing the program in detail, the student has the accountability to perform their program in the gym under careful supervision.

ADP training sessions take place before and after school, five days a week (Monday to Friday). The timetable can accommodate particular sports during their training seasons but, on the whole, training times are:

  • Mornings — 6:30am to 7:30am
  • Afternoons — 3:30pm to 5:30pm 


Our athletes proudly represent St Peters in a wide range of sports. The level of conditioning and fitness obtained through the ADP helps students to compete at the higher levels, including in QGSSSA or AIC competitions. ADP staff are mindful to collaborate with outside coaches and coordinators to ensure that the training of higher level student athletes can stay in sync. When a student is competing at a higher level, it is essential that they progress and develop the right way.

Programming & Outcomes

The focus of the ADP is to develop long-term skills and encourages positive lifelong habits among young St Peters Students. Training begins from the junior levels with the goal of embedding good habits in movement patterns. Ultimately, these habits will continue to develop over time so that, by the time students reach Years 11 and 12, they will have developed into better athletes.

*Athletic development programs are also FACILITATED on court, on the field, or at the Poolside for certain sports*

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