A Christ-centred Community

The heartbeat of St Peters is the gracious love of Christ. As a Christ-centred community, all who enrol and work at St Peters are treated with care, dignity and respect. God’s love is actively lived out with hope and confidence through service to others and we maintain a large and active Chaplaincy team.

St Peters Lutheran College aspires to celebrate and share the Gospel with our community by:

  • Valuing our College’s heritage, theology and traditions
  • Encouraging each other and fostering the development of faith
  • Supporting the pastoral care and wellbeing of our community (both past and present)
Pastoral Care

As a College, St Peters aims to foster the personal development of students in a nurturing, vibrant and inclusive environment. We want our students to grow into caring, honest and respectful citizens—people who are prepared for life’s challenges, eager to embrace opportunities and be activists for a peaceful world. St Peters is a place where relationships based on Christian values, community and family are encouraged and practised. Our pastoral care curriculum promotes this and is consistent throughout all year levels and campuses.

In the Primary Years, pastoral care and behaviour management are seamlessly woven together. School-wide positive and proactive behaviour-support programs work to reinforce expected school behaviour and a number of lunchtime activities run alongside pastoral care initiatives to teach essential social and emotional skills to our younger students.

In Junior High, the pastoral care curriculum is presented as a positive education and wellbeing program. Students become aware of their individual character strengths, how best to utilise these in their relationships and interactions with others, how to develop their individual skills and how to achieve positive outcomes in their lives.

In Years 10 - 12 students are placed into year level Form Groups. These groups are under the guidance of a Year Level Coordinator and are part of the House system. As students progress from Year 10 to 12, their Form Group teacher and Year Level Coordinator moves with them. This enables a three year partnership between College, student and home, where solid relationships can be established.

At St Peters, we’re committed to knowing your child. We want our students to be confident that there will always be someone nearby who can respond to their needs. Our Chaplaincy and Counselling staff play an essential role in providing this specialist guidance.


St Peters’ ministry is led by our dedicated Chaplaincy team. This team is integral to daily College operations. Through regular worship, prayer, praise, thanksgiving and celebration services, the team actively develop staff and student spiritual leadership and an understanding of the Lutheran tradition.

In boarding, students attend worship on a fortnightly basis. These services are held in the St Peters Chapel on Sunday nights. The St Peters Chapel is also host to the St Peters Lutheran Church, who meet on Sunday mornings and occasionally feature performances by our music ensembles.