Springfield St Peters Lutheran Kindergarten expansion

St Peters Lutheran College Springfield are delighted to announce the extension of the St Peters Lutheran Kindergarten Springfield to a two-unit centre. This will be completed early 2021 and will increase the enrolment capacity.

Our Kindergarten has enjoyed full enrolments and a waiting list since it began in 2013. We have always received positive feedback by our Springfield community and word of mouth has kept the centre at capacity each year.

The extension building program will commence on 7 December 2020 once our school year has finished. The project will be completed in two stages – Stage 1 from 7 Dec – 22 Jan and Stage 2 from 25 Jan – 22 Feb. Our extension will involve extending the existing roof line to the north and utilising front and northern side space to create the second unit.

The alternative space for our Kindergarten, from 7 December, will be in one of the existing Prep rooms next to the Outside School Hours Care office. In this location the Kindy students will have exclusive access to the school modular toilet facilities and the Prep outdoor play area. More information about this relocation will be sent to Kindy families.

We have been working closely with the Kindergarten and Outside School Hours Care to ensure their programs continue to provide excellence in education and care in these alternative spaces.

For students continuing onto St Peters from our Kindergarten to Prep this is a wonderful opportunity for children and their families to familiarise themselves with the Prep area. This familiarisation will ensure the transition from Kindy to Prep will be smooth.

Pastor Matt Wilksch and Head of Primary School, Mrs Debbie West-McInnes regularly visit the Kindergarten children, so they are familiar with staff if they move to Prep at St Peters. Pastor Matt shares a devotion each week and Mrs West-McInnes enjoys singing favourite songs and reading stories linking with their learning at that time. Our Prep staff also visit towards the end of the year to make the transition to Prep so much easier.

We look forward to welcoming all our new Prep students into our community.

Kindergarten Enrolment

Enrolment at St Peters Lutheran Kindergarten Springfield is separate to enrolment at St Peters Lutheran College Springfield.

Please call 3470 3830 or email stpeters.kgtsfield@qlecs.org.au to be enrolled or placed on the waiting list for future years.