Parents and Friends help support the College and community

The St Peters Parents and Friends Committee (P&F) works with the College to celebrate Springfield’s school spirit and cultural diversity. The committee, which is comprised of dedicated volunteers, works to develop partnerships to ensure students benefit from these community networks, skills, resources, and expertise.

Parents & Friends President of P&F Springfield, Mrs Kylie-Ann Martin, says there are many roles the committee plays within our school community. “We act as a communication conduit between the parents and caregivers and the College,” explains Kylie-Ann. “The P&F can also assist the school with project costs for the benefit of the community. I think St Peters Springfield has a wonderful community and one of the main roles of the P&F is to support this with activities.”

Kylie-Ann, President of P&F Springfield

It’s been a tough year due to COVID so unfortunately a lot of the College’s celebrated activities, such as the Mother’s and Father’s Day stalls, Primary school discos and parent’s trivia night had to be cancelled. However this year, “we contributed to the Year 12 area beautification project, and paid for a magician to perform at the Year 12 Formal,” says Kylie-Ann. “We wanted to show our support for our Year 12 students.” In Term 4 the P&F “will be holding a Teacher Appreciation breakfast for our wonderful teachers in time for World Teacher’s Day.”

Kylie-Ann has been part of the P&F for four years, with two children attending St Peters Springfield, “I wanted to help and went along to a meeting,” she says. “I enjoy meeting other parents/caregivers from different grades and the friendships I have made. I also enjoy knowing what’s going on around the College as a whole and not just the year levels my children are a part of,” she says. 

There are many aspects of being part of the P&F which Kylie-Ann appreciates, “I love organising the Mother’s Day and Father’s Day stalls and watching the primary school children come in with their money to find that special present — it’s delightful.”

The P&F have great plans for the future, “we have been saving for a playground for the Junior High area the past couple of years. I am hopeful we can get that started next year. We would like to do more activities to benefit the upper school.”

St Peters Springfield would like to thank all currently involved with P&F at Springfield. We encourage anybody who is interested in joining this incredible committee to get in touch with Kylie-Ann at for more information.

"The P&F welcome fresh, new ideas on what we can do for the community and events that will bring our community together. We also need more committee members!”

Thank you to:

Kylie-Ann Martin (President)

Santiago Ayala (Vice President)

Stuart Beren (Treasurer)

Alex Kreutzer (Secretary)

Jo Lashbrook, Hansi Kottegoda, Jack Varghese, Pastor Matt and Craig Schmidt.

We encourage you to experience the incredible community atmosphere here at St Peters Springfield. 

All enrolment enquiries can be made to or by calling 3470 3888.