Our founding teachers have been with us for 13 years of growth, faith and inspiration. Attending to student needs, they share in their experiences and help them learn. All of our teachers share a passion for the highest quality of Christian education, they’re enthusiastic and caring and make themselves available to students and families. We share our founding teacher stories as part of our 13-year celebrations as the first students who have completed all of their schooling, from Prep to Year 12, at St Peters Springfield.

Debbie West-Mcinnes (Head of Primary School)

It was wonderful to be part of a dynamic team to come together, who all had connections with Lutheran Schools so we knew the culture/ethos/mission of a Lutheran school. We had St Peters Indooroopilly providing amazing support from day one to ensure we were successful in continuing the rich teaching and learning programs St Peters is known for. It was rewarding to have those first students walk through the door and we were set up ready to go!

It is fulfilling to see students grow so much in their first year of school. They are creative, story tellers, problem solvers, social and fun.

Some of my favourite things about Springfield:
  • Our wonderful students and how they bring a buzz to the classroom and play areas
  • Being part of a Prep to Year 12 school – understanding the whole educational journey and how each year level is important in building the important graduate skills.
  • The dedicated, enthusiastic and flexible staff — the attitude of our staff to always look for ways to improve and build on what we have.
  • Sense of community – like a warm hug! We have something special here, it’s a feeling of support and connectedness.

Lisa Singleton (Prep teacher)

In the early years, it became apparent that we were a strong team and willing to take on many responsibilities and help each other when necessary. We all lived out our Plus Ultra motto.

I truly love working with children. Each year I welcome a class of unique Prep children who are ready to begin their next adventure. Their engagement and reactions each day encourage you to reflect and this teaches you about yourself. This inspires me to grow and develop as a teacher.

St Peters is a special place to work and learn. I aspire to make a difference in a child’s life through education. Future education and learning is changing, I know our school will continue to provide positive learning experiences and will meet the interests and developing needs of each child.

The Springfield staff help families and their children every day. Children enjoy coming to school because the staff are all amazing in what they do. They all work so hard and their dedication to their profession is remarkable.

I also love meeting and getting to know new families each year. They bring new experiences and perspectives to our growing community.

Carly Lovell (Primary Teacher Year 3)

I have loved watching the school grow from that very first day in 2008 with less than 100 students, to the amazing place it is today. St Peters Springfield is something special, and it’s the people who make it such a great place to be. We have created such a great culture, a wonderful workplace, and a school where everyone is valued.

I’ve taught from Year 3, all the way to Year 11 Life Skills in the early days! I love teaching because it’s great to see the growth and development of the students in my class each year. It’s also wonderful to build relationships and connect with my students and their families.

Being able to see the students I taught in their primary years become young adults and graduate at the end of Year 12 is incredible. 

Everyone who works here is willing to do whatever it takes to get the best outcomes for our students. Springfield is filled with people who genuinely care about everyone and everything they do.

Fiona Turp (Teacher — EAL)

It is really exciting being a founding teacher and working with my colleagues to establish our hopes and dreams for Springfield, while also aligning to the ethos of St Peters.

I currently work with some of our English is an Additional Language or Dialect (EAL/D) students and absolutely love it. I love seeing their enthusiasm and confidence blossom as they participate in our little groups.

I think my biggest challenge was working with a 1, 2, 3 multi-age classrooms in the first year at Springfield. It was an exciting challenge though, and I thoroughly appreciated the experience; along with the invaluable help from Prep teacher Lisa Singleton.

My hopes and plans for the future would be to continue working in the area of EAL/D and to continue learning myself and helping those students who need it.

Some of my favourite things about Springfield include the small community feel of the school. It helps everyone feel of value and of importance within their individual roles; while also working collaboratively as a team.

We encourage you to experience the incredible community atmosphere here at St Peters Springfield. 

All enrolment enquiries can be made to s.enolments@stpeters.qld.edu.au or by calling 3470 3888.