Community | Thursday, 23 Apr 2020

Mental Health At Home

Mental health awareness is important at the best of times. In the midst of COVID-19 social distancing restrictions, it’s even more crucial that we take measures to ensure good mental health, especially given our teachers and students have started At Home Learning this week. This article presents a few top tips for maintaining good mental health while online learning. Read on to find out more.

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Community | Tuesday, 21 Apr 2020

Teacher 'Guess Who'

Elite-level athletes are common at St Peters, but more so in the student body, or so we thought! Before the Term 1 Break, we met up with one of our new members of staff to find out a little more about them and their elite sporting career. Can you pick who it is?

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Community | Tuesday, 21 Apr 2020

Take-away tips for Online Learning

Feeling distracted and worried may be a common theme at the moment but there are always people you can turn to for help. Read about the Springfield Captains' take-away tips for learning online as well as the best places you can go for extra help and support.

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Community | Tuesday, 14 Apr 2020

College Captains develop successful online...

Springfield College Captains ‘care and share’ advice with online learning can lead to better study and work habits for everyone.

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Community | Tuesday, 24 Mar 2020

St Peters and COVID-19

COVID-19 has caused a lot of uncertainty everywhere but, at St Peters, it's encouraged our College community to band together. Read how St Peters is keeping Care, Dignity & Respect at the forefront during the Coronavirus.

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Community | Wednesday, 18 Mar 2020

Intentional planning will prepare Springfield...

Digital platforms and alternative teaching methods – understand why St Peters Springfield staff are upskilling with Digital Workshops in support of our students and families.

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Community | Thursday, 05 Mar 2020

Captains share vision for Springfield...

Springfield student leaders put their goals into action and describe their vision, to engage with students and build as many positive relationships as possible, for 2020.

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Community | Thursday, 23 May 2019

Update on Proposed College Masterplan

St Peters Lutheran College has developed a draft masterplan that sets out our vision to...

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Community | Friday, 05 Apr 2019

Breaking Ground at Springfield

St Peters Lutheran College Springfield is now in its twelfth year of operation and continues to...

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