Year 9 team leads the way to establish strong Junior High identity

During Term 2 the College was thrilled to present badges to our newly appointed Junior High House Captains. Their installation was held during the inaugural Junior High Assembly in the new Junior High Precinct in front of staff and students. The role of our Year 9 Junior High House Captains is significant as it presents a great opportunity for students to serve as well as refine their leadership and organisational skills.

Mrs Kathryn Boase, Junior High Key Pastoral Care Teacher, explains the role of the Year 9 House Captains. “The Junior High leadership team is designed to improve Junior High focus in the school community and to say, ‘We’re a significant group of people with significant needs’. Year 9 students can help create that identity and take responsibility for it.”

When a leadership team is installed students look at the Graduate Tree ambitions and choose one as a focal point for their activities. “When students run assemblies, when they have roles within pastoral care, that’s their focus. This year’s team has chosen to work on connectedness, being ‘connected’. “That’s something they all agreed on straight away and it’s a great foundation for this new project,” says Kathryn.

Our Year 9 leaders contribute to the College community and take on roles similar to our senior students. Kathryn says, “Junior High leaders took part in the official opening of the Junior High Precinct. They were the face of the school, they welcomed guests and participated in speeches.” The team also play an important part regarding the transition process from Year 6 into Year 7. “Our leaders will draw on their own experiences to support students new to Junior High,” explains Kathryn. “The roles will also give younger students something to aspire to.”

The leadership team was deliberately chosen after Ironbark. “Ironbark gives them the process to learn more about their abilities as leaders and to build confidence in a different environment,” explains Kathryn.

Apart from creativity, responsibility and confidence students learn that leadership is about service. “It allows them the space to connect to the school. It’s also about improving communication between teachers and students and it’s a strengthening of various things that go on in our community,” says Kathryn.

“Students have autonomy and the ability to take responsibility for what they’re doing. It reflects the roles of our senior leaders but it’s also something that’s going to evolve over time as a Junior High role.”

This year we congratulated our Year 9 House Captains: 

  • Cunningham House: Marcellus O-K. and Aldora T.
  • Leichhardt House: Claveria J-T. and Samir P. 
  • Mitchell House: Toby S. and Adam V.

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