Inspiring our Future Leaders

At St Peters, there are countless opportunities to learn and grow every day—sometimes on campus, and others off. Most recently, seven of our Year 7 students ventured off campus to attend ‘Something School’ in the city. Delivered as a partnership between Something Digital and BOP Industries, the aim of the event was to inspire and empower high school students as they explore their future career options. Something School challenged the students to explore how they might be able to make a difference in their communities and around the world.

The Chance to Think Big

During the day-long ‘Something School’ event, our Year 7 students jumped at the opportunity to think big, explore out of the box challenges and connect with inspiring, like-minded industry leaders. Opening speaker, Russ Vine, spoke about the exciting digital technologies being used to design and build Brisbane’s Cross River Rail and our students were able to explore some of these first hand!

Second up, the Jobs of the Future Panel showcased how real people have followed their passions and how they’ve taken advantage of opportunities to build exciting and interesting careers. This really got our students thinking before Katherine Gelber, Head of the School of Political Science & International Studies at UQ, explored the idea of hate speech and provided students with the catalyst to design a digital product to protect people within their local context.

Taking Action

In between listening to the inspiring Something School speakers, our students engaged in a range of activities. They had a go at designing jobs for the future, explored how products are ideated and developed, investigated how the digital space is solving some of today’s greatest challenges, and engaged in future problem solving and ethics (e.g. just because we are able, does it mean we should?). The students were one of the youngest groups in attendance, but did an incredible job. They collaborated brilliantly and designed some truly interesting and inspired design solutions. We can’t wait to watch what the future holds for them!