Students spread joy throughout the Springfield community

Year 1 students and staff recently worked on a fun and inspiring task during their online learning program. The ‘The Joy Project’ became a positive, community building, activity involving creative hands-on learning experiences through a variety of mediums. 

The purpose of the Joy Project was for students to explore concepts that brought them joy. They selected joyful ideas or interests and worked independently towards sharing and creating these. The task involved identifying experiences that brought them joy and how they can share joy with others. In this student-led activity students would share their Joy Projects every morning during class meetings.

Head of Primary School, Mrs Debbie West-McInnes says, “As educators we must continue to give children opportunities to be creatively involved in their own learning which builds on what they already know and can do, their interests and what they understand.”

Students explored a variety of concepts including nature and their love of the outdoors. Some created artwork on rocks and then placed them in community locations to spread positive messages. Others enjoyed constructing with many students building, and designing, cities and towers. Creating artwork and expressing their feeling through painting also proved to be a popular joyful experience. 

“We witnessed wonderful performances such as puppet shows, dances and singing concerts. There were lots of busy bakers at home too,” says Mrs West-McInnes.

The Joy Project provoked lots of constructive conversations about how our joy can be shared with others. Students enjoyed reflecting on the impact they are having on people around them when they share their performances, positive messages or creations. 

“At St Peters we know children are more likely to become engaged in an activity if they are interested in it, which then increases their opportunities for learning.” 

“If they feel connected to the learning they are also more confident, persistent and resilient which brings better outcomes for the student," explains Mrs West-McInnes. " The Joy Project enabled Year 1 students to follow their individual interests, develop their ideas and then present their projects to their classmates.  From the videos and photos sent in—each student was engaged in the project and were very happy to share what they had accomplished. Our Year 1 staff and myself were proud of what the students achieved through this project.”

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