When you’re working online at home you may feel a little distracted, worried, or uncertain about your goals. Springfield's Year 12 Captains—Minna, Zac and Khushi, along with St Peters Springfield Counsellor Mrs Johnson, have some helpful and inspirational tips designed to keep you on track and working towards your goals for 2020 and beyond.

Take-away tips from our Springfield Captains:

  • Have a designated workspace away from distractions
  • Write a list of smart goals you want to accomplish and talk about these with your Pastoral Care teacher
  • List your goals —whether pen and paper or electronic to-do lists
  • Tick off your completed goals
  • Use your timetable and follow your meeting plans for Zoom and Teams
  • Prioritise your study tasks — use your electronic calendar with reminders for important due dates
  • Be patient with technology
  • Own your learning — don’t lose sight of what you want
  • Engage in class discussion online
  • Be social and keep in contact with your friends
  • Ask for help when you need it—turn to someone you trust, your Captains or your Pastoral Care teacher
  • Exercise for 30 minutes every day
  • Get your family involved with some exercise
  • Don’t give up your interests for binge-watching TV
  • Build healthy study habits and keep procrastination away
  • If you’re struggling when doing your homework, start at 20 minutes per subject and work up from there
  • Apps can be a distraction but they can also be fixed easily. On an IOS device set your time limit with Settings, Screen Time and Downtime.
  • Focus on positives—there are wonderful people doing amazing things out in our community, tune your thoughts and attention to that
  • We will all get through this together!

Support services

Mrs Johnson suggests if you do need more help then turn to a trusted support organisation including:

  • ReachOut.com: resource for students and parents about a range of mental health topics.
  • Kids Help Line (online and phone: 1800 55 1800) — free 24/hr counselling.
  • Headspace (online and phone) — 9:00am–1:00am free counselling.
  • LifeLine (online and phone: 13 11 14) — free 24/hr crisis support.
  • Smiling Mind: Smiling Mind is considered to be one of the world’s leaders in the pre-emptive mental health space and Australia’s go-to expert for youth-based mindfulness programs.

If you need support, or you are worried, then please reach out to us. We will keep our Firefly information up-to-date and  resources will be added as needed.

Look after yourselves and be kind to each other. 

We encourage you to experience the incredible community atmosphere here at St Peters Springfield. 

All enrolment enquiries can be made to s.enolments@stpeters.qld.edu.au or by calling 3470 3888.