2022 College Captains share their goals with Quest News 

With the start to the school year disrupted by yet another wave of COVID-19 and a severe weather event, the 2022 College Captains at St Peters Indooroopilly envision a tight-knit school community united by a strong sense of spirit. 

“This year, we seek to build on and increase school spirit to promote a feeling of pride in all students; in order to establish a community that everyone is proud to say they belong to,” College Captain Meg said.  

The Captains also want to encourage students to achieve their best. 

“This year I would like to see our students support each other and strive for excellence in endeavours across all areas of the college, from our Chamber Soloist to the 5C Basketball team,” College Captain Jacob said.  

With a new College catchphrase and a series of spirit events planned for the year, we are sure they will see their shared vision realised. 


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