The 2022 Cross Country season was very positive, enjoyable and encouraging (with a steely eye to 2023).

Within both the AIC and QGSSSA teams, the younger age groups performed very strongly as Age Group Teams. The Boys 12 Years and 13 Years teams both placed 2nd in their age group with three runners each placed in the top 10. In another display of great team running, the Girls 13 Years team placed 2nd in their age group with all five point scoring runners placed in the top 20.

Highlights of the QGSSSA Cross Country also included the stellar efforts by St Peters runners Charlotte W (Girls 12 Years) and Sienna B (Girls 13 Years) who both won their debut races. An outstanding achievement by both girls!

Congratulations also to Addison S and Ava K who placed 3rd in the Boys 13 Years and Girls 13 Years, respectively.

AIC results in detail

The AIC Cross Country squad trained hard for the Championships which were held at Curlew Park in Sandgate. St Peters placed 4th overall and the runners are to be congratulated for a commendable result. 

  • Aggregate: St Peters 4th place
  • Age Groups: 12 Years (2nd), 13 Years (2nd), 14 Years (9th),15 Years (7th), 16 Years (3rd), Open (6th)  

Top 10 place getters:

  • 12 Years: Luke A (5th), Xavier B (8th), Felix B (9th)
  • 13 Years: Addison S (3rd), Isaac K (8th), Sam B (9th)
  • 16 Years: Sebastian M (5th), Thomas P (9th)

Most improved runners 2021 to 2022:

  • 13 Years: Isaac K (22nd to 8th) 
  • 14 Years: Oliver D (64th to 39th) 
  • 16 Years: Thomas P (13th to 9th) 4000m to 6000m  

QGSSSA results in detail

The QGSSSA Cross Country Championships were postponed due to rain and course closure and we are so proud of our girls who continued their training and gave their absolute best at John Paul College, coming away with 5th place, an improvement on 2021. 

  • Aggregate: St Peters 5th place
  • Age Groups: 12 Years (7th), 13 Years (2nd), 14 Years (5th), 15 Years (4th), 16 Years (5th), 17+ Years (6th)  

Top 10 place getters:

  • 12 Years: Charlotte W (1st)
  • 13 Years: Sienna B (1st), Ava K (3rd)
  • 16 Years: Gabrielle S (4th)
  • 17+ Years: Gabby N (9th)

Most improved runners 2021 to 2022:

  • 13 Years: YoYo W (20th to 14th)
  • 14 Years: Summer P (30th to 19th)
  • 15 Years: Niahm d (25th to 16th) 
  • 16 Years: Lauren G (66th to 50th)
  • 17+ Years: Emily G (33rd to 22nd)   

Thank you to Coordinator Mr Russel Hansen, Head Coach and Old Scholar Mrs Kerry Schreiber (1984), and the fantastic coaching team for their work in preparing the boys and girls for their big race. Thank you also to Cross Country Captains Charlie H, Cameron G, Luella B, and Emily G for encouraging their squads and setting a high standard for all our runners to strive for this season.