True to the St Peters motto ‘Plus Ultra’ the new Junior High Precinct, for Year 7 to Year 9 students, truly embodies its meaning—Ever Higher. The Precinct provides opportunities to bring students together in new ways that will enhance their sense of belonging in Junior High and celebrate life and learning.

Since the original briefing, which began as a few lines and a plan, the precinct has now formed into something breathtaking. McLellan Bush Architects designed the building to complement the St Peters warm and safe community environment. The hub, bathed in natural light, is in the centre and heart of the space while the building wraps, or hugs, around it. It is a symbolic gesture to the way the community wraps around the College.

Every attention has been paid to how students learn effectively with regards to light, space and colour. Natural light plays an extremely important role in learning with many in-depth studies to support this. The building is designed with points of interest and open transition spaces which inspire you to look up ‘Ever Higher’.

A variety of different learning spaces have been created specifically for the needs of students and teachers. Large learning environments, small group work spaces and large open classrooms are all part of the innovative precinct. Within the generous sized classrooms there are pleasant withdrawal spaces so students can comfortably work in smaller groups while still being part of a larger class environment.

Also part of the Precinct is the modern iSTEAM (innovation, Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) laboratory. It will be the creative design hub which will enhance delivery and development of the robotics, technology and STEAM programs including Engineering, Digital Solutions and Design Technology subjects.

Principal, Craig Schmidt, says the agile design learning environment will inspire students. “There is an abundance of writable surfaces, and agile learning spaces, for small groups through to whole cohorts. The new facility will be superb for developing the essential skills and capabilities our young people need for the future as effective collaborators and communicators, critical and creative thinkers and influential leaders.

“We are delighted by the design work of McLellan Bush Architects and the work of our building contractors, Evans Built. It was exciting to see the joy on teachers’ faces when entering and establishing themselves in the new building in the past few days. I am looking forward to when our Junior High students return and the building really starts humming with teaching, learning and school life.”  

“We are always looking towards what’s on and over the next horizon, because we are committed to obtaining the best outcomes for our young people both today and tomorrow.”

We encourage you to experience the incredible community atmosphere here at St Peters Springfield. 

All enrolment enquiries can be made to or by calling 3470 3888.