New skills & fresh minds

In Term 2, the hard-working St Peters Indooroopilly Year 11 and 12 International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) students enjoyed an opportunity to break from their academic studies and get creative. The students were given the chance to choose from a range of creative electives—from Music, to Gardening; Painting, to Origami, and many more in between! While some students chose to pursue their talents, others decided to try something new and, no matter their motivations, all students thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

The IBDP Gets Creative activities were led by the College’s incredible teaching staff and saw the Year 11 and 12 cohorts coming together for a range of sessions during the Term. Each session was a success, with the students expressing how grateful they were to be able to use their time to create art and refresh their minds. By the end of the Term, students had acquired new skills, created a green wall from repurposed containers and plants, loomed beanies for the homeless and used a range of embroidery stitches to complete their squares for the IB Quilt project.

Looking through the lens

It’s said that a picture can tell a thousand words and so, it only seems right, that the students who opted in for the Photography elective were challenged to tell the story of Ross Roy through a series of images. Guided by St Peters’ very own resident Photographer, Graphic & Web Designer, Mr Anthony Cox, students were taught the basics before setting off to test out their skills.

“It’s always a delight to share creative knowledge with students who are learning Photography,” Mr Cox told us. “The best way to provide an introduction to the subject, and to show students how they can take a better image, is through visual examples. The students were very responsive to seeing examples of what makes up a great photo.”

Mr Cox went through composition, angles, lowered perspectives, leading lines, focal depth and how to tell a story with one or multiple images. The students soaked up the knowledge and revelled in the chance to experiment. Shot primarily on iPhones, the results speak volumes for the level of respect and awe our students have for the College’s original building—Ross Roy’s history and beauty shines through each photograph!

“From just a short introduction to going out and experimenting in just over an hour, the results were impressive,” Mr Cox said. “They really took on board looking for a different view of Ross Roy, not just the stock-standard ‘point and shoot’ view of the building. They seemed to enjoy the idea of mystery and showing a glimpse of what you might find inside.”

Well done, students, and thank you to Mr Cox and all of the fantastic IBDP staff at our Indooroopilly campus, for organising such a rewarding learning opportunity for our students. To find out more about the IBDP at St Peters, click here. To learn more about St Peters’ rich history, read Our Story.