On Wednesday, 2 May, St Peters hosted a Dialogues @ School event, inviting Senior School students to discuss the question, "Could AI Improve Education for All?". Led by a panel comprised of Year 11 students Leo B, Chloe E, Noah J, Lexie R, Aliana T and Daniel T, MC Holly H and moderator Noah Davies, a St Peters Old Scholar, the event fostered intellectual curiosity and open, respectful dialogue.

Over 100 students from Years 10 and 11 participated as audience members or co-contributors, offering diverse perspectives and insights. Reflecting on her experience, panel member Aliana said, "I really enjoyed having a space for free, open discussion and interacting with everyone. It was such an interesting topic that could be viewed from a variety of perspectives, and it helped ignite a lot of discussion."

Though Aliana was initially nervous speaking in front of a large forum, the positive and open environment alleviated her nerves, and she would gladly participate in something similar again if given the opportunity.

Her sentiments echoed many attendees' experiences, highlighting the event's inclusiveness.

As an audience member and co-contributor, Isabella M emphasised the significance of engaging in meaningful dialogue on contemporary issues like AI in education. She remarked, "I greatly appreciated the opportunity to participate in a meaningful and mature discussion with my peers in such an important area as AI."

She continued, "The student-centric nature of the dialogue provided plenty of space for questions and audience contributions to drive the discussion. I believe that many of us would love to engage in future opportunities like this."

Throughout the dialogue, students grappled with the complexities of integrating AI into education, acknowledging its potential benefits and ethical considerations. The event exemplifies St Peters' commitment to nurturing critical thinking skills and fostering a culture of constructive dialogue among its students.

We thank the panel members, organisers, and participants for contributing to this discourse. As we reflect on the success of this Dialogues @ School event, we look forward to future opportunities for conversation and sharing of ideas, guided by the spirit of civility, curiosity and inclusivity.

The Brisbane Dialogues, established in late 2019, aims to address the decline in public discourse. It serves as an independent platform for discussing significant ideas and issues, run entirely by volunteers on a not-for-profit basis. Their mission is to model productive discussions and transform traditional one-way talks into genuine dialogues, promoting better understanding and engagement.