2023 College Captains in Quest News

When asked by Quest News why they wanted to be College Captain, both Max and Chloe spoke of being inspired by former St Peters student leaders and of a desire to give back to the College community.

"I have attended St Peters Lutheran College since Year 7, and each year’s College Captains have been role models who have significantly influenced my vision of who I want to aspire to be," said College Captain Max.

"St Peters has afforded me many opportunities during the half decade I have been here and provided an environment where I have been able to develop and mature as an individual.  

"I have had such a positive experience here and this is one of the ways I can pay it back."

College Captain Chloe was inspired by her sister Julia who was Captain in 2020.

"Seeing her commit herself to everything she did truly made me think about the kind of student and leader that I wanted to be. I am incredibly honoured to have been offered the opportunity to give back to the St Peters community", said Chloe.

As for their leadership visions for 2023, Max hopes to increase student participation in all aspects of College life while Chloe wants to promote a culture of spirit, unity and inclusivity. 

"Some of my own happiest memories were formed when I felt like a valued part of something bigger, and it is my goal to help form some of these memories for younger students," she said. 

"I also hope to elevate the voices of my fellow Prefects, Cocurricular Captains and Year 12s, fostering an environment where all opinions and voices are heard and appreciated. It is my belief that my job as a leader is to listen, value and consider every voice of every student."


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