Celebrating achievements from academic persistence

Academic persistence helps students reach their goals 

Plus Ultra. More beyond. Our students are encouraged to reach for the stars, to aspire to heights that they’re not quite sure they will reach and then stretch themselves to reach their goals. Sometimes the effort seems daunting and giving up looks like an attractive option. Sometimes self-doubt creeps in and an ‘I’m not that good anyway’ mindset takes root. This is where teachers and parents can step in and encourage and advise. We can walk alongside our young people helping them dissemble those big, glorious visions into attainable dreams that become the milestones of the journey.

At St Peters, one of the ways we celebrate the achievement of those milestones is through acknowledging improvements in students’ academic Grade Point Average. Students who received their Personal Best GPA in Semester 2, 2019 or who improved their GPA by 0.5 or greater compared to their Semester 1 results were acknowledged at last week’s assembly.

These awards can be achieved by all students because they are not influenced by the results of others. They are informed only by the personal effort of the individual student. Therefore, it was wonderful to see over forty students presented with certificates confirming their commitment to and perseverance with their studies. 

SET representatives

Also acknowledged on recent assemblies were the 2020 Student Executive Team representatives. Each Pastoral Care class elects a representative who attends SET meetings. This team is the student voice of the school and is run by the College Captains and Vice-captains. The team brings suggestions and recommendations from the student body to the teaching leadership team. Because of SET suggestions, students now have access to a photocopier in the library, extra seating around the grounds and a growing collection of inspiring biographies and autobiographies, housed in the library which they may borrow. Congratulations to the 2020 representatives and I look forward to hearing their ideas for enhancement of student life at St Peters.


We encourage you to experience the incredible community atmosphere here at St Peters Springfield. 

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