Captains share vision for Springfield community

Leaders' vision brings community closer together

Our vision for the community of St Peters Lutheran College Springfield in 2020 is to find ways to engage with students and build as many positive relationships as possible. When we began thinking about our goals for 2020, we decided to model the values of PERMA (Positive Emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, Achievement). PERMA is a significant part of St Peters culture; we strive to implement its ideals in all our visions and goals. Additionally, we look to the School Captains who led before us, and the examples they have set for our community. They have created strong foundations for activities that involve the entirety of secondary school. This year, we aspire to build upon those foundations by implementing initiatives that connect primary and secondary schools. For example, the school leaders have begun mentoring and leading Primary School enrichment clubs, such as Story Club and Sports Club. Through building these relationships, we want all primary students to know that secondary students will always be there for them. Furthermore, we are hoping to foster greater understanding of different cultures. To do this, we aim to host a Cultural Festival, connecting people in our community and celebrating our diversity and multiculturalism. Overall, we have big ideas for what we want to see at St Peters in 2020. We believe through these initiatives, we can build meaningful relationships with all members of the St Peters community.  

Thank you to Minna, Grace, Khushi and Zac.

We encourage you to experience the incredible community atmosphere here at St Peters Springfield. 

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