Senior School Assembly welcomes back Guest Speakers

This term, our sub-schools have been able to reintroduce multiple Year Level assemblies, complete with special presentations and guest speakers. In the Senior School, this has meant a new initiative—Old Scholars have been returning to the College to offer their advice and speak to students about how the lessons they learnt while at St Peters prepared them for life after school.

Last week, Old Scholar, Greg Levy (2015) addressed our Senior students. Greg graduated from St Peters as the Dux of the College and then went on to study a dual degree in Mathematics and Economics at the University of Queensland. Greg has received the Dean’s Commendation for Academic Excellence every Semester at Uni and, now in the final year of his degree, has a near-perfect GPA.

Greg is passionate about helping young people be the best that they can be. He has tutored over 100 students—many of whom attended, or still attend St Peters. Despite his obviously outstanding academic success, Greg shared that he didn’t always get the top marks at school. Reflecting on his older report cards, Greg said that there were plenty of Bs and Cs, and his attitudinal grades were also not fantastic (particularly in the younger Year Levels!). At some point though, Greg changed his approach. But just how did he do it?

Advice for students

One of the keys to Greg’s academic success, he said, was his engagement with teachers. By talking to his teachers, asking them questions and seeking their advice, Greg was able to lift his grades and improve his attitude toward studying. He has continued to engage tutors and lecturers at university—the ability to do so was one of the most valuable lessons he learnt at St Peters.

Greg was a relatable figure for our students to learn from. Not only did he achieve well in the classroom during his Senior years, he was also recognised for his contributions to Sport and Service. He received multiple awards in both areas. Our students certainly benefited from listening to Greg’s address and we’re truly grateful for the time he gave up to speak to them.

Next assembly

Our sub-school assemblies have plenty in store for our students, across all Year Levels. In the Senior School, students can look forward to further addresses from Old Scholars. To date, these sessions have been inspiring and motivational—great ways for students to learn how to be the best possible version of themselves!