2021 College Captains share their goals with the Courier Mail

Unity after hardship — it’s a vision so fitting for leaders on the recovering side of a global pandemic. The 2021 Captains at St Peters Indooroopilly plan to move into a phase of leadership characterised by oneness; one College body, working together to serve the wider community.

“Through COVID we didn’t have much interaction with the community outside St Peters,” Vice Captain, Jake, shared. “It meant that we weren’t able to help out when it was most needed. This year, we want to change that. We want to help the community around us bounce back, and we want the whole College to get involved.”

More to that, the Captains want to unite the Year Levels.

“Our vision is to have everyone excited to come to school every day,” College Captain, Maddie, said. “We’re so lucky to go to such an amazing school and we have so many opportunities available to us. We just really want to encourage people to make the most of them and give things a go — get involved and develop inter-Year Level relationships.”

Plans for that are well underway, and the Captains have gone above and beyond in their first efforts. From sacrificing holiday time to welcome new students on their Orientation Day; to travelling to the Sunshine Coast to help out on Year 7 Camp, there’s not much these Captains won’t do to achieve their vision.

Best of luck 2021 Captains. You are going to achieve great things!

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