Visiting Polaris Data Centre


Last week on Tuesday 30 October a group of Years 10–11 students went on an excursion to Polaris Datacentre in Springfield Central. This excursion supports their studies of Information Technology Systems (ITS) in Year 11 and Digital Technology in Year 10. Not a lot of people know how close Polaris is to our College in Springfield; and the annual excursion has become one of the highlights of studying a technology subject in Senior School. Polaris is widely regarded as Australia’s leading, most modern, highly secure, purpose built and designed data centre. It is an excellent example of connecting course content learnt in the classroom with a real-life professional IT working environment. Gudrun Baessler, Teacher The Polaris Data Centre excursion was eye-opening. Although an unassuming concrete building standing by the side of the road, inside is extremely interesting. The amount of redundancy – back-up plans upon back-up plans – inside, to protect their clients’ data, is larger than any other building that we’ve seen before. The server rooms are all locked and only able to be opened by the clients who own them. Overall, it was very interesting and a trip worth going on. Zac H, Year 10 I am thinking about a course at University in the fields of Engineering, Science and Information Technology. Getting an opportunity to visit a state-of-the-art data centre, combined with a personal, guided tour by the Head of Data Centres Springfield City Group was amazing. Danielle S, Year 11 read more

Year 4 Bug Art


For National Recycling Week As part of National Recycling Week, the Year 4 students created a bug sculpture using recycled materials. They looked at real bug specimens to observe the shapes and anatomy of a bug, before drawing pictures. They then used hot-glue guns and a range of recycled materials to create their own bug sculpture. Cathy Jeffries, Teacher read more

Indooroopilly Golf Club Charity Day


Next Sunday 27 May, the St Peters Jazz Combo and Senior Stage Band will perform at the Indooroopilly Golf Club for their annual Charity Day. Students performed at this event last year and have been invited back to perform again. Jazz Combo will perform at 10:00am and Senior Stage Band will perform at 4:30pm. Grantley Sutch, Co-Director of Co-Curricular Music/Head of Bands read more



This week, the Year 12 students are farewelled and sent on their individual journeys, ‘beyond’. Like many new beginnings, it is a celebration of what has been achieved and of what has been granted, a celebration of the milestone which marks an end and a new beginning. Like many new beginnings, it also is a daunting place of doubt and scariness, because it asks for courage to risk the next step into a yet unknown – and, thus, unexperienced – future. When we celebrate, the ‘past’ is marked by the presence of all teachers and all students, Prep–Year 11, lining up to form the ‘Guard of Honour’. They are the community which the Year 12s have been part of during the important years of their school career. However, the future cannot be marked, yet. It still wants to be lived. How dare we go there, find the courage to face what is yet unknown to us? It is exciting, too – as we will be able to decide where to go from here, what to do next, how to shape and create the journey in our own, individual way that will be meaningful; for not only ourselves, but also for others. It is a reflection not only for the Year 12s, but for everyone facing a new beginning; the diaries for 2019 are out and point to the dawn of a new year; others may grieve as they celebrate and farewell beloved ones, or close a certain chapter in their lives, facing new beginnings in their relationships with themselves and others. May everyone notice the presence of the community and realise that they are not alone on their journey. May everyone hear the promise of the one who calls us from the ‘more beyond’ that we will be welcomed where we go, and blessed in what we do. May everyone discover their individual gifts which allow for a unique journey and contribution and learn to trust themselves and others by trusting the promise of the one who believes in us all. This, my friends, is described as ‘Advent’, the season of waiting and reflecting, the season of hope and anticipation which – at an often unexpected time – grants an unexpected answer to one’s question, guidance and clarity for our next steps, a deeper sense of purpose and meaning. Advent turns into the season of celebration, when our deepest longings are met, our fears quelled and when we have learned to trust that we have been heard and are held in loving compassion by the one who comes. His name is ‘Immanuel’, the ‘God with us’ – wherever we are and whatever we do. Go in peace, celebrate and keep listening to the quiet calling of the one who comes to you, who has been with you along the way and who is with you, now and always. Silke Moolman, Indooroopilly Chaplain read more

Brisbane Big Band Festival


Senior Stage Band has graced the stage of the Brisbane Jazz Club to partake in the inaugural Brisbane Big Band Festival. The festival is a week-long event that provides performance opportunities for high school bands, community ensembles and professional big bands. Senior Stage Band performed to a capacity crowd on Sunday afternoon, with raucous applause from the audience. Mentors, John Morrison and Jackie Cooper, had high praise for the ensemble after they played a killer set featuring solos from Lachlan A, James P, Angus C, Angelina K and vocalists, Alexandra J and Ben S. Students and parents also able enjoyed other great performances from local high schools along with our very own Mr Pradella and his ‘Late Shift Big Band’ and, earlier in the week, the ‘Brisbane Contemporary Jazz Orchestra’ with Mr Sutch. Thank you to Mr Pradella, Mr Prout and the Senior Stage Band for a great afternoon of jazz. Grantley Sutch, Co-Director of Co-Curricular Music/Head of Bands read more

From the Boys Sport Coordinator


Over the weekend, we hosted Padua College for Round 4 of our Term 2 AIC seasons.  Being the AIC Feature Round for the term, we welcomed a host of Old Scholars who were in force in the grandstands, many wearing their old Senior and Firsts jerseys from their respective sports. Our boys certainly put on a great show for the crowds, with many of the results across all three sports going our way. Chess Leading into Friday’s Chess evening, Padua boasted the only other undefeated AIC First IV team alongside St Peters. Unfortunately, our premier team suffered their first loss for the season, going down 7-9 after a couple of risky moves that didn’t pay off.  Congratulations to our Senior B, Intermediate A, Intermediate B and Junior A teams on their victories. I wish our Chess boys the best of luck against Iona College this. Football Across the board, Football teams finished even with Padua with 9 wins, 9 losses and 2 draws, however our Aggregate teams finished in front with our Senior teams leading the way. Our First VI, after the heart-breaking narrow loss in Round 3, showed little sign of weakness and lead from the start. Our boys had control of the ball for a majority of the match and, to the Padua goalie’s credit, they were able to keep the score respectable despite our consistent barrage of attacks from our offensive juggernauts; Robby B and Nathan T. With moments left in the game, substitutions were made and on his first touch, Pedro M slotted a sitter after being set up perfectly by David A from the right side of the box. Our First XI took the win with a score of 5-2. In addition to our First XI teams’ success, we congratulate the following teams on their wins against Padua: 2nd XI, 3rd XI, 9A, 8B, 8C, 7A, 7B and 5A teams. Congratulations to the following players of the round: Robbie B (1st XI), Jordan S (2nd XI), William M (3rd XI), Zorro U (4th XI), Daniel W (10A), Cole H (10B), Josiah R (9A), Zane P (9B), Ben F (8A), Jacob P (8B), Lucas O (8C), Myles B (7A), Max R (7B), Fin L 7C), Oliver N (6A), Hayden R (6B), Jace H (6C), Thomas D (5A), Ian P (5B), Mayank K (5C). Rugby The weekend was a big round for St Peters Rugby. In addition to Round 4 being the Feature Round for the term, it was also the VIP round where sponsors, Old Scholars and key stakeholders were invited to attend a Thank You function and watch our First XV and Second XV play some quality rugby. Our juniors also had the honour of playing in front of a large crowd of students who came out to support St Peters AIC Sport – a sight that was great to see! By the 12:30pm kick off, the 2nd XV crowd was beginning to grow and our boys gave them something to cheer about. With two minutes left, we managed to kick a goal to put us 3 points up. In the dying seconds however, Padua snuck over the line next to the posts and stole the game 25-29. Our First XV game started like a house on fire and we found ourselves up 20-0 at half time. The second half started with a flurry of points from Padua and we quickly found ourselves on the back foot. With one minute to go, Padua had possession of the footy with a score-line of 29-26 in our favour and it seemed like the 2nd XV game was about to repeat itself. We worked hard to win the ball back and kick the ball into touch on the final siren. In addition to our First XV, congratulations to the 8A and 8B teams on their victories against Padua. Players of the round are: Baguio J (1ST XV Forward) and Malachi H (1ST XV Back), Zach C (2nd XV Forward) and Harry W (2nd XV Back), Ty P (10A Forward) and Riley S (10A Back), Jack T (9A Forward) and Clayton G (9A Back), Harvey L (8A Forward) and Sam B (8A Back), Josh R (8B Forward) and Tom M (8B Forward), Kye P (7A Forward) and Marcus M (7A Back), Liam M (7B Forward) and Brandon L (7B Back), and John J (5C Forward) and Jaden G (5C Back). Good luck to all boys who will meet Iona College this weekend for Round 5 of the respective seasons. It will be a tough round and we all need to make sure that we turn up to play and put everything on the line for the College. Years 7 – 12 Cross Country Coordinator: Mr Seth Antcliff Training for AIC Cross Country is as follows: Monday 3:30-5:00pm;Wednesday 6:15-7:30am (speed session);Wednesday 3:30-5:00pm (speed session) andFriday 6:15-7:30am. We urgently need our top 20 place getters from our Inter-House Carnival to attend at least two of these sessions. There are a core group of runners who have been attending regularly and they are improving every week, but we need more. All boys who made the tope 20 at the Inter-House Carnival and haven’t been to training yet will be contacted by either Mr Andcliff, Mr Petherick or Mr Grose.  Rowing Coordinator: Mr Peter Hicks On the weekend of 12 and 13 May, the 2018 Kenmore SHS and St Peters LC Regatta was held at Coomera. We entered our rowing teams into many events and achieved many pleasing results. Congratulations to the following top 3 place getters: Second place Schoolboys Year 8 Double Scull (Division 3): Jack U and Angus G;Second place Schoolboys Single Scull (Division 2): Oliver G;Second place Schoolboys Year 8 Novice Single Scull (Division 1): Jack U;First place Schoolboys Year 8 Novice Single Scull (Division 2): Angus G;Third place Schoolboys Year 9 Novice Single Scull (Division 3): Christopher S;First place Schoolboys Yaer 9 Single Scull (Division 2): Oscar N; andSecond place Schoolboys Year 9 Double Scull (Division 1): Mitchell B and Oscar N. Congratulations on your efforts. Rowing is a sport that involves very early trainings, gruelling sessions and a high level of commitment and organisation. It is great to see so many positive results from these boys. Tennis Pre-Season Coordinator: Mr Stuart Delaney This year, St Peters want to take a seventh AIC premiership in a row! Trials have begun for the season. Due to the limited number of places to represent St Peters in the AIC competition, some boys may miss out on a spot in the team, however there are some alternate Tennis programs run around and near St Peters where these boys can still get involved in this wonderful sport and set themselves up well for a future in Tennis. Consult the St Peters App for details about Trials.  In addition to these sessions, there will be an additional Year 7 trial this Saturday only (26 May) at the Lohe Street courts from 7:00 – 10:00am. Basketball Pre-Season Coordinator: Mr Glenn Scott Pre-season trials and training will begin in Week 7. Please note that in Week 7, there is only one session listed per junior age group. From Week 8 onwards, teams will move into a two-a-week training schedule. Please refer to the St Peters App for full details. Darren Grose, Boys Sport Coordinator read more