Year 5 Mindset Monday


On Monday morning in Year 5 classroom devotion, the classes continued their focus on Plus Ultra. The Year 5 students came up with some great language that they could use instead of saying ‘this is too hard’. Ms Levitt and Mrs Lovell were very impressed! Carly Lovell, Teacher read more

From the Head of Primary Years


Tomorrow will signify the first week for the students and teachers in 2018. We are anticipating that there will be many tired faces by then, but it’s already exciting to see how much learning has taken place. Essential agreements lay the foundation for respectful relationships and these have been worked out in each classroom between the teachers and the students as well as student to student. These are framed in a positive way and support the way in which we treat each other while we are together. Have a chat to your child to find out some more about the specifics of their class’s essential agreements. Parent Information Evenings The Upper Primary evening will be held tonight. It will be an opportunity to hear what’s happening in Upper Primary as well as meeting your child’s classroom teacher. The message of building relationships and effective communication will be strong throughout the evening and I encourage you to continue to do this as the year progresses. The evening commences at 6.30 in the chapel before we split into year level groups. Next week, the Lower Primary parent information sessions will take place. Tuesday evening, 6 February, will involve information for Prep – Year 2 parents. The first session will be for parents of Prep students from 5.45 – 6.25pm at Prep; at 6.30pm there will be a general information sessions for P-2 in Belfield Hall. Directly following this, there will be concurrent sessions for Year 1 or 2 parents. The Year 3, 4 sessions will be held on Thursday evening, 8 February from 6.30 – 8.00pm in Belfield Hall. The staff look forward to working with you during what will be an exciting year ahead. Chapel offerings Each week, there is an opportunity for families to offer a gold coin during our Chapel services – both in Lower and Upper Primary. Currently, this money is collected each week and goes towards our sponsorship of two children through the World Vision program.  This is purely voluntary, but very much appreciated. Firefly Firefly is a Learning Management System (LMS). St Peters Lutheran College has selected it as our platform for teaching and learning as well as an avenue to provide relevant information for parents about their child or children and their learning.  Additionally, you will notice that we have been transferring our MyStPeters portal information across to Firefly and more sections are becoming visible to you. The following information is designed to help you understand and navigate through this. Why Firefly? Firefly allows teachers to deliver materials online to the students in their class. It helps provide a structure for the materials that students use as well as in-built tools that are designed to engage students with their learning journey. As the resources are online, this means that they are accessible at any time.  A student’s Firefly account is accessed using their St Peters network login details. Parents currently will need to create their account using the information below. To find out more about Firefly and how to set up your account: Welcome to Firefly http://stpeters.fireflycloud.net.au/welcome-to-fireflyCreate an account and login http://stpeters.fireflycloud.net.au/welcome-to-firefly/parent-login-processDownload the Firefly App http://stpeters.fireflycloud.net.au/welcome-to-firefly/firefly-app-for-parents- Parent link http://stpeters.fireflycloud.n... Pam Carden, Head of Primary Years read more

Jesus Loves Me, This I Know…


Jesus loves me! This I know, For the Bible tells me so. Little ones to Him belong; They are weak, but He is strong. Yes, Jesus loves me! Yes, Jesus loves me! Yes, Jesus loves me! The Bible tells me so. Jesus from his throne on high, Came into this world to die; That I might from sin be free, Bled and died upon the tree. Jesus loves me! He who died Heaven’s gate to open wide; He will wash away my sin, Let His little child come in. Jesus loves me still today, Walking with me on my way, Wanting as a friend to give Light and love to all who live. (Anna B Warner, 1860.) This would have to be one of the best-loved Christian songs, sung and sung again – by children throughout the last 150 years. I still enjoy hearing it, whether sung by the Prep children in their classroom, by the Lower Primary students in chapel, or by my godchild as she sings it to me over FaceTime. For all their great simplicity, the words convey the profoundest possible truth. Everything basic to Christian theology is here – that God has revealed himself to us in the Bible; that he came to earth as the messiah to die for our sins; that he has given his people salvation, and continues to walk with us throughout our lives’ journeys. And it is here in the community of St Peters that we have the opportunity to teach each other these simple truths – in the words that we sing, in our actions, in our conversations. When I listen to the students sing this song, I am continually reminded that Jesus does indeed love us, and that he continues to walk with us and sustain us in that love. Kirstin Munchenberg, Indooroopilly Chaplain read more

UN Youth State Conference 2018


Over the course of a weekend in February, Minna H (Year 10), Benjamin S (Year 11) and I represented St Peters at the annual United Nations Youth State Conference. Held at the Sunshine Coast Recreation Centre, it aimed to create an environment of learning and empowerment. We were able to participate in MUN (Model United Nations) debates, IPS (Interactive Problem Solving) and several other great workshops run by facilitators. To keep with their social traditions, we also held a trivia night and attended their Saturday night dance. It was a great way for us to engage with ongoing political and humanitarian issues, as well as develop a logistical mind set about solving some of the world’s most pressing crises. We were also given the opportunity to meet like-minded people who challenged our perspectives and helped us gain further insight into the world, making it an invaluable experience for the three of us. For more information on UN Youth programs, visit: unyouth.org.au/author/qld/ Kaylee N, Year 11 Student read more

From the Head of Junior High


YEAR 7 CAMP Hello from Coolum! This week, I have had the pleasure of attending the Year 7 ‘Fun and Friendship’ Camp at Luther Heights Youth Camp.  The students are having a wonderful time getting to know each other whilst participating in the various activities. I have been impressed by their sense of adventure, energy and enthusiasm. No doubt, they will come away with memories to last a life-time. The ‘Take Away’ students focus on while at camp is K.F.C. – Kindness, Fun and Cooperation. Asking questions about K.F.C. is a great way for parents to dig deeper about the experience their child had on camp.  Thank You The Years 8 and 9 Parent Information Evening on Monday night was very well attended. These evenings are an important way of building your knowledge of College processes and support mechanisms available to your child. However, most importantly, they are a way of building relationships with key staff involved in the care and support of your child.  We thank you for prioritising your attendance on this evening. If you require any further information about what was presented, please contact either Mrs Belinda Byrne (Year Level Coordinator – Year 8 ) b.byrne@stpeters.qld.edu.au or Mrs Anne Tetley-Jones (Year Level Coordinator - Year 9) a.tetley-jones@stpeters.qld.edu.au Year 9 Leadership The Year 9's are now the leaders of Junior High and this comes with added responsibility and opportunity. On Wednesday, the cohort participated in a Leadership Seminar run by Ms Fox and Mrs Tetley-Jones. The purpose of the activity was to encourage students to be more aware of their own potential as leaders by examining common traits of leadership and learning how to focus on team building.  The process for applying for positions as Junior High Captains and Student Representatives was also explained.  Students should contact Deputy Head of Junior High, Ms Kelly Fox, if they have any questions regarding the positions or how to apply: k.fox@stpeters.qld.edu.au Reminder Date Claimers  Parent Information Evenings Year 7 – Monday 5 February – 7pm – 8:15pm  PAC Auditorium   This evening is designed to give you further insight into how you can support your child as they experience their first year of High School.  Key members of staff will be introduced and you’ll have the opportunity to spend time with your child’s Form Class teacher.  Students do not generally attend. St Peters Yr 7-12 Swimming Carnival Thursday 8 February – 50 metre pool Our annual Swimming Carnival is a great day, with Junior High students usually leading the way with participation and enthusiasm. This is a compulsory school day and all students are expected to attend and support their House.  If for some reason your child is unable to swim they should still attend but please send a note to their Form Class Teacher to explain why they are unable to participate.  A very small canteen runs on the day but students need to bring their morning tea, lunch and a water bottle.  Students who do not attend are asked to bring a Medical Certificate to explain their absence unless special prior approval has been given by the College. Awards Ceremony Junior High Academic Awards and Ironbark Presentation Ceremony Tuesday 13 February – 8:15am in the PAC Auditorium Students will celebrate their 2017 Academic Achievements at a ceremony in the PAC.  Ironbark Awards will also be presented at this ceremony along with the students who were due to receive co-curricular awards at the Ceremony at the end of last year but were at Ironbark.   Parents of award recipients will receive an invitation by email and are welcome to attend. Trish Allen, Head of Junior High read more