Change and New Plans


‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’ – Jeremiah 29:11. It was announced by Mr Tim Kotzur, Head of College, at the end of Term 1, that I will be leaving St Peters Lutheran College Springfield at the end of Term 2 to take up my new role as College Principal (Head of College) at Geelong Lutheran College and St John’s Lutheran Primary School, Victoria. This morning, when I was on Yard Duty, a Year 1 child spoke to me: ‘Ms Lange-Mohr, is it true that you will be leaving to go to Victoria?’ ‘Yes, it is. You know I will miss you and everyone at our school.’ ‘We’re going to really miss you, Ms Lange-Mohr. Thanks for being the best Principal ever!’ The student gave me a hug then he left to go to class. I will really miss this beautiful school community that together we have created. While I am looking forward to my new role, St Peters will always be close to my heart. Change provides us with interesting challenges. Some people thrive on change while for others it can be quite traumatic. Our class of 9ST of 2018 have experienced great change during Term 1, having graduated from their five-week intensive Ironbark experience. In speaking to the students, parents, families and Ironbark staff at the Family Day celebrations on Saturday 24 March, the most common feedback can be summarised as: great change for our Year 9ST students living in a rural environment; the joy and challenges of communal dormitory living (what I like to call the ‘hidden curriculum’); an outpouring of love from family members as they were able to reunite as one; sad farewells to the Ironbark staff from the students who grew to know and trust these very important mentors in their lives; goodbyes to the farm animals who became a part of the students’ daily lives on the farm; and a deeper spiritual experience. Our staff received positive reports regarding our young people from Director Mr Matt Sullivan and his team. We sincerely thank them for all their care, concern and nurturing. In fact, the comment was made several times that our cohort of students has set a very high standard for the year. St Peters Lutheran College Indooroopilly Year 9 student groups will be at Ironbark for the remainder of the year. The next phase of change is for families and children to reintegrate with each other. Parents, your children are now young adults. Sometimes it can be difficult coming to terms with these changes. I know that you will treasure the letters that you received from them in the mail. I still have mine. In His Service, Jill Lange-Mohr, Principal read more

From the Boys Sport Coordinator


The weekend’s first round of AIC sport against St Laurence’s College produced some pleasing performances. Unfortunately, inclement weather forced the cancellation of all Cricket matches excluding the 10As. As the skies opened up late in the morning, the 10As match was called off as conditions on the pitch worsened. It was a shame for our Cricketers who were ready and keen to kick off the season. This year, our Volleyball players improved on last year’s performances, winning eight matches, six of which will count towards our aggregate tally. As there are 12 aggregate games throughout the day, we officially tied with St Laurence’s on aggregate. Wins on the day went to the 7A, 8A, 8B, 9D, 10C, 11A, 3rd VI and 2nd VI teams. Noteworthy performances were displayed by our 7A, 8A and 9D teams who won 3-0 as well as our 11A team, who lost their first set 9-25 before clawing their way back to a 2 sets to 1 victory. Eighteen out of the 21 games played went to a deciding third set. The weekend was certainly full of exceptional performances. I congratulate boys on their hard work at training, thank their coaches for their input, and thank Mr Matt Bradforde, Coordinator, for his encouragement. Well done gentlemen and staff!  We look forward to this weekend’s Round 2 versus St Patricks College. I encourage boys to continue to work hard at training on the court and the field, and hope we can build on the momentum of last weekend. Please refer to the St Peters App for the Volleyball and Cricket draws. Good luck to our teams! AIC Swimming Coordinator: Mr Peter Dawson  This Friday 9 February, St Peters will host the District Swimming Meet. Many of our competitive swimmers will participate. I wish our competitors luck.  In the evening, we will compete in an Invitational Swim Meet at Centenary Pool (400 Gregory Terrace, Spring Hill). As this meet is off-site, students will be transported to and from the Centenary Pool. The bus will depart St Peters at 3:30pm and arrive back at the College at approximately 7:30pm. Students can be collected from the venue if a staff member is informed.  Run Club and AIC Cross Country Training It was great to see a solid turn out to the first St Peters Run Club held last Friday morning. These sessions also double as an early start to the boys Cross Country season and are a great way to get a base fitness for all other sports. We are calling for even more runners to be involved this Friday. Everyone is welcome as we aim to increase our numbers to over 50 runners! Come and enjoy the great physical and social benefits that come with group fitness – it’s a great way to start your Friday morning. Get Involved!    Girls Cross Country training has begun and boys are encouraged to attend these sessions also to get an early start on their training and increase their fitness for other sports. Training sessions are: Monday: 3:30-5:00pm;Wednesday: 6:15- 7:30am (Speed session - meet at bus bay);Wednesday: 3:30-5:00pm (Speed session); andFriday: 6:15–7:30am Run Club.  AIC Football, Rugby, Chess and Rowing Pre-season  Term 2 Sport Sign-on took place this Wednesday lunchtime. Pre-season training sessions for most age groups will commence next week and will continue for the remainder of the term for those students interested in conditioning their skills and fitness for the upcoming season in Term 2. More details regarding pre-season training sessions will be emailed to students this week and included in the next edition of ‘The Rock’. Any students who missed the first session and sign-on must contact the relevant coordinator this week, and be sure to attend training next week. The Coordinators for each of these sports are as follows: Football: Mr Nathan EdwardsRugby: Mr Shaun Nodwell and Mr Darren GroseChess: Mr Gil BygravesRowing: Mr Peter Hicks During this busy time where both in-season and pre-season sports are underway, it is important that students attend training sessions for their chosen sport so they can improve fitness, refine sport-specific skills and improve team cohesion. Students playing multiple sports should remember that in-season sports take priority for training. If clashes do occur with training commitments, please contact myself in Sports House so we can find a solution that works best for everyone.  Darren Grose, Boys Sport Coordinator read more

From the Girls Sport Coordinators


Last week, the Sports Department started a ‘St Peters Sport’ Instagram feed. This, along with the St Peters App, will help keep you up to date with our sporting program. It is also a place for us to celebrate the wonderful things our young sportsmen and women are doing. Please follow us! We have asked our Years 11 and 12 girls for their sport leadership applications. For each sport, a Year 12 girl Captain and a Year 11 girl Vice-Captain are appointed. These roles help sport coordinators with general organisation and, most importantly, to promote the sport and help foster a love of the sport amongst all girls. We encourage all of our Captains and Vice-Captains to be as visible as they can be in their chosen sport and help us to make their sport the best it can be. Good luck to all girls who have applied. Our Autumn Sports team selections (Basketball, Football and Touch) are underway. In most sports, there are two teams per age group and the trialling process allows coaches to get to know girls and assess their skills. Whilst skill level is important, a players’ attitude and commitment to training are also highly valued. We hope girls will enjoy the start of these sports. Team selections will be finalised over the next few weeks. These teams will remain fluid until the competition begins on Friday 16 March. We wish girls all the best. If you have any questions about team trials, please contact the relevant sport coordinator.  A reminder to all girls involved in Water Polo, Swimming, Softball, Basketball, Football, Touch and Cross Country: it is important that girls turn up to training sessions punctually and dressed in the appropriate St Peters uniform. Girls are not permitted to wear non-St Peters clothing and they are encouraged to come prepared with all the necessary equipment for their sport. Finally, this year we are part of a new district called Northern Eagles. All girls who want to make Met West teams will need to first place nominations in to the Northern Eagles district. Please ask your daughters to look out for emails from Mrs Champion regarding these Northern Eagles nominations, which is relayed directly to the students as soon as we receive it. Water Polo Coordinator: Mrs Elaine Ripamonti  The second half of the Water Polo season has got off to a great start. We have already enjoyed a few wins and all teams are now getting to the business end of their season and are looking towards the finals. For the first time, we have five teams tracking for the semi-finals with our 15Bs currently in second place, our 13Bs, 17Bs and Opens sitting third on the ladder and the 16s sitting at fifth place, so they definitely have a chance to get in to the top four in the coming weeks.  Well done to our 17s and Open teams who had great wins this weekend. I commend all girls and their coaches and girls for their continued commitment to the 2017-2018 BWPI season. Good luck for this weekend!  QGSSSA Swimming Coordinator: Mr Peter Dawson  There are four weeks until the QGSSSA Championships. Therefore, Monday and Wednesday morning training sessions and Friday afternoon meets are very important as work on relay teams is starting.  This Friday 9 February, an after-school relay practice and time trials will take place at the 50m pool from 4.00 - 5.00pm. I look forward to seeing all hopeful 2018 QGSSA swimmers there.  QGSSSA Softball  Coordinator: Girls Sport Coordinators After a rained out first weekend, the 2018 QGSSSA Senior Softball season will start this Saturday 10 February with games at Downey Park, Green Tce and Noble St, Windsor. There are three rounds each morning: 7.30-8.35am, 8.50-9.55am and 10.10-11.15am. Each team will usually have more than one game in a morning and teams are encouraged to stay to support each other.  It is very important that all girls double check the St Peters App every Friday for the most up-to-date game details.  Autumn Sports (Basketball, Football & Touch) Coordinator: Mr Glenn ScottCoordinator: Mr Ben Innes Coordinator: Mr Mark Manson Training for all teams in Basketball, Football and Touch are now underway. We are in the process of selecting our teams for 2018. It is not too late for girls to join but it is really important that they attend the next session for their age group to ensure they get the best chance to be placed in the correct team. Teams are not confirmed until the fixtures begin on Friday 16 March but it is much better for individual player development and overall team performance if they start training at the correct ability level. All training times are on the St Peters App. Girls are asked to turn up to the training time and venue specified in these schedules and ensure they get their name marked off with their coach. Any clashes or problems attending training should be addressed firstly with the coach or coordinator of the sport. Girls are also welcome to come to Sports House. Cross Country  Coordinator: Mrs Kerry Schreiber Cross Country training started this week and it is great to see girls set aside time to kick start their running in 2018. Girls interested in running for QGSSSA Cross Country in May should attend one session a week, preferably either the Wednesday morning or afternoon sessions. Please refer to the St Peters App for the training schedule. For all sessions, meet at the St Peters internal bus stop. Run Club Join the St Peters running community at ‘Run Club’, which helps our community improve fitness for all sports, meet new people and start training for the QGSSSA Cross Country season. Run Club is every Friday at 6.15am. Students, staff and parents should meet at the St Peters internal bus stop.  We hope you have a great week in sport!  Kelli Rodman, Kerry Schreiber and Susannah Treschman, Girls Sport Coordinators read more

Easter – the story of new beginnings and surprises


Women went to the tomb and were worried about how to get the heavy stone out of the way – only to find it rolled away and the entrance to the tomb open. The women went to the tomb to embalm the body – but the body was gone and the tomb was empty. They did not understand what happened – but there was someone waiting for them to explain what had happened, so they could understand. They were puzzled and frightened – but were encouraged, by the one who welcomed them at the grave, to not be afraid! They did not see – until they saw the risen Lord himself and their fear turned into joy, their bewilderment into trust and belief. Easter is a story of surprises, a story of events unheard of and never experienced before. It is a story of radical transformation from death to life! That is the reason for us to celebrate Easter, because the one who died is alive! That incredible story speaks into our lives, assures us that whatever struggles we face, God remains on our side. It promises a new dawn, when people are confronted with the shadow side of life; it promises forgiveness and new beginnings, when people are facing the consequences of their wrongdoings; and speaks of absolution, when a person admits their guilt. Easter, dear friends, is the promise that wherever we go and whatever we do, God will hold on to us; in whose loving presence we remain, now and always, even beyond death. It is the story which enables us and invites us to get involved in the ‘Good Fridays’ of this world: where people suffer, where despair and hopelessness have a grip on people, where the survival of the globe is threatened – trusting that the risen Lord is present and will also use us to unveil his love for people; allowing us to become a beacon of light, in the dark places of this world. Easter remains a powerful story every single day, which allows for hope in the most challenging circumstances and a vision of a promising future when times are bleak. Trust the story – and you may be surprised how transforming and life giving, this incredible story is – of Christ involving you! Silke Moolman, Indooroopilly Chaplain read more

Symphonic Winds West Coast Whirlwind Tour


Over the Christmas break, 48 students and five staff departed for a three-week musical exchange across the West Coast of the United States. Musicians from Symphonic Winds, Senior Stage Band, Pep Band and Jazz Combo spent time in Hawaii, Los Angeles and San Francisco. With 17 Performances and six masterclasses along the way, highlights included: Hawaii Workshops with Jazz Trumpet legend, Mike Lewis, and University of Hawaii’s Dr Gabriel Arnold. Students also enjoyed an amazing day performing and interacting with the animals at Honolulu’s Sea Life Park.Performances and masterclasses with the United States Pacific Fleet Band in front of the USS Missouri at Pearl Harbour and a tour of the Arizona Memorial.Performing at the Ala Moana Centre, shopping in Waikiki and the view from the summit of Wakapu’u peak on the North Shore. Los Angeles Performances at California Adventureland and a recording session with Grammy Award-winning conductor, Stan Freer, in Disneyland.Performances and homestays with Newport Harbour High, Palisades Charter High and visits to Venice Beach and the Santa Monica Pier.A masterclass with Dr Dustin Barr from California State University and dinner at Bubba Gump’s. San Francisco Travelling the Pacific Ocean Road through Pismo Beach and Monterey was the best way to reach San Francisco. The Old West Cinnamon Rolls were amazing!A Workshop and masterclass with Professor Bradley Stirling Hogarth and Professor Dennis Aquilla from the San Francisco State University set us up for a spectacular final performance with our hosts at George Washington High.Our final day was highlighted with a walk across the Golden Gate Bridge, down Lombard Street and dinner on Pier 39. Thank you to staff for their amazing efforts on tour. It was a pleasure to take 48 talented and well-disciplined musicians overseas to represent their College and country. Thank you to local composers, Mr Shannon Rogers and Mr Kerry Jacobson, for their compositions that were premiered across the West Coast. If you would like to purchase a copy of our CD, ‘Comin Home’, please collect one from the Performing Arts Centre Reception whilst they are still available. Grantley Sutch – Head of Band read more