Boys Sport


Last weekend saw another round of trial matches in Volleyball and Cricket which were played against St Edmunds College.  The results were very positive across both sports seeing a good spread of wins from year 7 up to our Open teams.  Well done gentlemen on another great lead up to our AIC season.  This weekend will see our team sports season kick off officially with Round 1 of AIC fixtures against St Laurence’s College on Saturday 3rd February. Our Swimming cohort will see their first AIC swim meet for the year this Friday, which is being hosted by St Peters in our pool.  It will be exciting to see the fruits our training pitted against our competition and for our new and younger swimmers to get their first taste of AIC swimming. Training will continue for the next seven weeks of this term and I encourage both students and parents to become familiar with the training and fixture schedules for the respective sports which can be found weekly on the ‘St Peters App’ and Portal. I look forward to supporting many students in their sporting endeavours throughout the year. AIC Cricket and Volleyball Round one fixtures for both Cricket and Volleyball are THIS SATURDAY 3 FEBRUARY. Traditionally, St Laurence’s are strong competitors in both sports. Nevertheless, we are pleased with the progress and efforts put in by our SPLC boys during the pre-season and we hope this holds them in good stead for competitive matches this weekend. It is imperative that our boys attend their respective training sessions this week so teams can be finalised. For details of times and venues for these fixtures against St Laurence’s College please check information on the St Peters App. Cricket Coordinator – Mr Gil Bygraves – g.bygraves@stpeters.qld.edu.au Thank you to the CSG and Mr Gil Bygraves for putting on a wonderful 1st XI Cap Presentation on Thursday afternoon to acknowledge those young men who will represent the Frist XI SPLC Cricket Team in 2018. We wish the First XI and all other cricketers the very best for their first fixture this weekend. Volleyball Coordinator – Mr Matt Bradforde – m.bradforde@stpeters.qld.edu.au I am pleased to announce that SPLC will submit the greatest number of Volleyball teams we ever have into the AIC Competition this year. We have had an overwhelming number of Year 7 boys involved in the sport this year with a need to expand to ‘five teams’ in this year level and four teams in Years 8 and 9.  This has been largely due to the drive and influence that Matt Bradforde has had over the past few years as the Volleyball coordinator.  Our First VI Volleyball Team will be announced at Senior School Assembly in the weeks to come and I look forward to the vocal support of all students at their first home game this weekend at 12 midday in the St Laurence’s College Gymnasium. I look forward to seeing everyone there. AIC Swimming  Coordinator – Mr Peter Dawson – p.dawson@stpeters.qld.eu.au Boys will be able to showcase their performances this Friday 2 February against other AIC Colleges, with St Peters hosting an Invitational AIC at the SPLC 50m Pool. Warm up for all AIC Swimmers (Years 5-12) begins at 4:15pm. Racing will commence at 4:45pm and conclude at approximately 7:00pm. All swimmers are welcome to attend training and the Friday evening meets being held throughout Term 1. Swimming Training - Term 1, 2018 AIC Swim Squad training Monday  6:00am  – 7:30am, , 25m Pool3:30pm - 4:15pm, 50m Pool Tuesday3:30pm - 4:15pm, 50m Pool Wednesday6:00am  – 7:30am, 50m pool Thursday3:30pm - 4:15pm, 50m Pool Friday3:30pm - 4:15pm, AIC Swim Meets Ideally, students should be attending both morning sessions each week. Extra swimming training is available Monday, Tuesday and Thursday (3:30pm – 4:15pm) at the SPLC 50m Pool. I encourage all boys to attend training and the Friday night meets. SPLC Run Club Run Club begins this Friday morning 2 February.  All students, parents, siblings and teachers are welcome.  Get run fit for your sport or just join in for fun or to improve your fitness.  Meet at the bus bay for a 6:15am start. read more

Primary School Disco


Special thanks to the P&F and the Primary School teachers for the fun disco on Friday night! Debbie West-McInnes, Head of Primary read more

Girls Sport


This week our 2018 QGSSSA Swimming and Senior Softball season officially gets underway with the BGGS Invitational Swimming Carnival on Friday 2 February and our first round of softball games on Saturday 3 February. We wish all girls competing for the first time this season, or the first time for St Peters, the very best of luck and we hope that you enjoy your first sporting experience for the year. Next week also sees the start of our Cross Country, Basketball, Football and Touch seasons with trials or training for all teams in these sports starting. Girls were sent an email last week with a link to sign up for these sports and they should now simply turn up at the age appropriate training session for their chosen sport. All training schedules are on the St Peters App. We also encourage girls to come in to Sports House if they have any questions regarding any of the sports on offer at the College this term. At St Peters we pride ourselves on many things but when it comes to sport we particularly value commitment and communication. Commitment to a team is something we emphasise in girls sport and as parents we appreciate your support in reiterating the importance of honouring a commitment.  When girls sign on for a sport it is important that they take the time to really consider whether they can uphold this commitment for the season. Each sport will have two training sessions and a game/meet each week in season and it is vital that girls do their best to attend all of these sessions. If they can’t attend a session it is important that they then communicate this with the coach and coordinator of that sport. QGSSSA Swimming Coordinator: Mr Peter Dawson Well done to all of the girls who have attended training this week, it has been great to see so many girls back in the pool. Swimming is a short season and so every training session counts. Training is on every Monday (25m pool) and Wednesday (50m pool) morning until Week 7. Please remember that training is for competent swimmers who wish to be considered for our 2018 QGSSSA team. Our first QGSSSA warm up meet is on this Friday 2nd February at Centenary Pool, Gregory Terrace, Spring Hill. It is important that girls attending have signed up for the meet using the link emailed last Thursday. Buses leave the St Peters bus stop at 4.00pm and return to school at the conclusion of the meet, leaving Spring Hill at roughly 8.30pm. For full details of the BGGS Invitational Meet please refer to Swimming on the St Peters App.  QGSSSA Softball Coordinator: Girls Sport The 2018 QGSSSA Senior Softball season starts on Saturday 3rd February with the first morning of games at Downey Park, Green Tce and Noble St, Windsor. There are three rounds each morning; 7.30am-8.35am, 8.50am-9.55am and 10.10-11.15am. Each team will usually have more than one game in a morning and it is strongly encouraged that teams stay to support each other, they are great mornings of sport.  We have had a late withdrawal of a significant number of girls from softball this season and so there have been changes to teams this week, which of course impacts the draw and game times for the weekend. It is very important that all girls double check the St Peters App on Friday for the most up to date game details.     Autumn Sports - Basketball, Football, Touch  Thank you to all girls who trialled for our Opens teams this week. Coordinators and coaches will be announcing our Open Squads in the next week or so and then all girls who haven’t been selected should join the appropriate age level training session for their sport. For those new to the College, our Opens teams are our best team in the school and only girls in Years 9 - 12 are invited to trial. Selection to the Opens is based on player ability and this usually, but not always, means that these teams are filled with girls in older age groups.  Training timetables for all Basketball, Football and Touch teams are now on the St Peters App.  Basketball Coordinator: Mr Glenn Scott All teams start training next Week (Week 3) - week of 5th February. Girls are asked to check the training schedule on the St Peters App and turn up to your correct year level session time and location. The first session for each age group is as follows: Year 7s: Tuesday afternoon (6th February), 3.30pm - 5.00pm on Harts Road Courts Year 8s: Monday afternoon (5th February), 3.30pm - 5.00pm on Outside Gym Courts Year 9s: Tuesday morning (6th February), 6.30am - 7.30am on Outside Gym Courts Year 10s: Monday morning (5th February), 6.30am - 7.30am on Outside Gym Courts Senior As: Tuesday morning (6th February) 6.30am - 7.30am on Outside Gym Courts Senior Bs: Monday afternoon (5th February), 3.30pm - 5.00pm on Harts Road Courts Football Coordinator: Mr Ben Innes All teams start next Monday afternoon (Week 3), Monday 5th February, 3.30pm - 5.00pm, with the Opens and Senior (Yr 11 & 12) girls to go to Harts Road Oval and the Junior and Intermediate girls (Yr 7 - 10) to go to Stolz Oval.  Remember to bring shin pads and football boots if you have them (these are not compulsory during the trialling stage) TouchCoordinator: Mr Mark Manson All teams (except for girls selected in the Opens Squad) start training next Monday 5th February (Week 3), 3.30pm - 5.00pm. All girls in Years 7 - 12 wanting to play touch are asked to meet in the grandstand on Mayer Oval at 3.30pm on Monday. Training continues on Friday 9th February, 3.30pm - 5.00pm. Cross CountryCoordinator: Mrs Kerry Schreiber  Cross Country training starts on Friday 2 February (THIS FRIDAY) with Run Club and continues at the following times: Monday afternoon, 3.30pm - 5.00pm Wednesday morning, 6.15am - 7.30am Wednesday afternoon, 3.30pm - 5.00pm Friday morning, 6.15am - 7.30am Meet at the Harts Road bus shelter for all training sessions. These sessions are designed so that girls should be able to fit in one session a week around their other sporting commitments. Girls who don’t currently have a sport on are encouraged to attend more than one session. The Wednesday speed sessions are the core part of the program and we ask girls to try to get to one of these sessions if they can.  Run Club Join the St Peters running community by coming along to ‘Run Club’ a fun way to improve fitness for all sports, meet new people and start training for our QGSSSA Cross Country season. On Friday 2nd February meet at the St Peters bus stop at 6.15am.  Girls Sports Squad Gym Session Remember if girls are interested in starting or continuing your athletic development program please email Mr Hacking: t.hacking@stpeters.qld.edu.au. You can check the gym roster on the St Peters website to confirm training times.  Kelli Rodman, Kerry Schreiber and Susannah Treschman, Girls Sport Coordinators  read more

Palms and crosses


This coming Sunday is observed as Palm Sunday in many churches across the world. We recall Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, welcomed and hailed by crowds like a king (Mark 11:1–11). But the shouts of ‘Hosanna’ quickly turned into ‘crucify!’ when Jesus didn’t fulfil the expectations of the crowds. They were looking for a strongman, but he came as servant, they wanted the Roman overlords to be challenged, he challenged their own religious system, they wanted glory, he came in humility. And so, by Friday he hangs on a cross, jeered by the crowd. I suppose it’s an experience we occasionally share – one day, the cool guy or girl… the next, shunned and condemned. One day, the political newcomer to change the world; next day, in a forgotten backwater or worse. Jesus’ reaction to all this is important to me: He prays from the cross: ‘Father forgive them.’ It gives me hope in my own fickleness and uncertainty. It gives me hope when things haven’t turned out as I planned or wanted them to. And I suppose it is a model for dealing with such situations, when we might be tempted to lash out or become bitter. Furthermore, this is not the end of the story. On Easter Sunday, he is alive – Christ is risen! God brings new life out of what might seem dead ends, hopeless situations. He still does and often in unexpected ways. As we near the end of Term 1, with all the stress and pressures at the present time, may you be able to look forward to Easter, and know that even in your failures and fickleness there is one who is with you always, who stands rock solid, by your side. May He fill you with hope and joy this Easter. Thomas Böhmert, College Senior Pastor read more

Strategic Vision – Academic Education Pillar


The College’s Strategic Vision 2016–2020 (available on the website) charts the College’s course in broad terms, for a five-year period. It provides a clear road map for the overarching direction of the College. We are currently in the third year of the plan. Each year we put in place objectives and strategic initiatives to meet the broad strategic intents of the Strategic Vision; and drive the College forward in terms of development and improvement. Academic Education, encapsulated in the catchcry ‘Fostering Learning – The Academic Imperative’, is a core strategic pillar. Key strategic initiatives of this pillar that the College is implementing is the introduction of the Teaching and Learning Framework – Dimensions of Learning to provide overarching coherence to all that we do to improve student learning here at St Peters. Another key strategic initiative of this Academic Education pillar has been a focus on preparing for the new Senior School Assessment System which begins in 2019. The development of students’ literacy skills, especially through the explicit teaching of Command Verbs, on which so much of the new system will be based, is a key strategy. The continued rollout of Firefly, our new Learning Management System, which ultimately will break the nexus between learning inside and outside the school environment continues to be implemented this year. As part of this strategic pillar, the College is also placing a renewed focus on building the student learning culture. We help to build culture by what we pay attention to. We have been making changes to student awards around academics; by introducing awards that recognise improvement, effort and personal bests by students, alongside academic excellence. Ultimately, the strategic initiatives of the Academic Pillar are about striving to help each student be the best learner they can be. Tim Kotzur, Head of College read more