A proud tradition

St Peters opened as a co-educational Boarding college in 1945. From a humble, 56-student beginning, over 150 students now call St Peters home. Our Boarders come from far and wide. We house students from rural and regional Queensland, interstate, and overseas, and remain the only co-educational Boarding school in the Brisbane municipal area.

St Peters accepts Boarders from Year 6 onwards. Our students are welcomed into a rich Boarding tradition and we proudly open doors to a vast range of educational, social, sporting and cultural opportunities. Being co-educational, Boarding at St Peters enables all family members to attend the one school. This provides a sense of stability and continuity for siblings. Our Boarders form a tight knit community where each individual is cared for and supported.

Boarding Options

There are a range of boarding options at St Peters. These include:

  • Full-time Boarding
  • Weekly Boarding
  • Short-Term Boarding
  • Overnight Boarding

To find out more about these options, please refer to the Fees Schedule or contact our Enrolments team on +61 7 3377 6236 or via email.

Why Board?

The Boarding environment provides a unique opportunity to live in a community while simultaneously developing independence, character and values. Our Boarders come from a range of different language, culture and faith backgrounds. Despite their differences, our students bond over being away from home and cement firm friendships. By sharing daily life with others, Boarders develop resilience, self-confidence, empathy and leadership skills.

Care above all else

The main focus of Boarding at St Peters is on providing the highest level of care we can to each individual Boarding student. The emotional health and wellbeing of our students, staff and families are our priority. Boarding at St Peters is very much about creating a family environment. We aim to instil, in our Boarders, the values of respect, consideration, trust and honesty—values which complement the core values of the College: Care, Dignity and Respect.

St Peters Lutheran College is a member of the AUSTRALIAN BOARDING SCHOOLS ASSOCIATION.