Lower Primary Sports Club

In Terms 1 and 2, St Peters offers training before school on Friday mornings for students in Years 3 and 4. The sports offered are Rugby, Soccer, Netball, and Basketball. The purpose of this program is to upskill students in preparation for participation in the AIC and Metropolitan Meets on entry into the Upper Primary co-curricular program.

Years 4–6

The Primary Years sporting competition is participation based and focuses on skill development in a nurturing environment.

Students in the Primary Years are involved in the Inter-Lutheran (Southern Lutheran Association Primary Schools) and District carnivals (West Taylor Bridge) involving Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics.

For students in Years 4–6, there is an opportunity to participate in select sports via club competition. Competition is participation based and focuses on skill development in a nurturing environment.

The list below provides a guide to the sports offered to Years 4–6 students throughout the year.

Term 1

Swimming, Touch, Run Club, Tennis

Term 2

Cross Country, Netball, Gymnastics

Term 3

Athletics, Basketball, Gymnastics, Soccer

Term 4

Aquathon, Swimming, Touch, Tennis

YEARS 7–12

The College is involved in two prestigious sporting associations, Queensland Girls’ Secondary Schools Sports Association (QGSSSA) and Brisbane School Girls’ Rowing Association (BSRA). There are ten schools in the formal QGSSSA competition and fixtures are played on a rotational basis whereby all schools compete against each other.

Girls also have the opportunity to participate in the Queensland Interschool Equestrian Association (QISEA) and Brisbane Water Polo Inc (BWPI).

The list below provides a guide to the affiliated association-based sports offered to Years 7–12 girls throughout the school year.

Term 1

Swimming, Softball (Years 10-12), Basketball, Football, Touch Football, QISEA Equestrian (Years 8-12) BWPI Water Polo (Years 7-12)

Term 2

Basketball, Cross Country, Soccer, Touch, Football, QISEA Equestrian (Years 8–12)

Term 3

Athletics, Hockey, Netball, Tennis, Volleyball, Rhythmic Gymnastics, BSRA Rowing (Years 8–12), QISEA Equestrian (Years 8–12)

Term 4

Badminton, Softball (Years 7–9), QISEA Equestrian (Years 8–12), BWPI Water Polo (Years 7–11)

Sports are listed in season and have a preseason which leads into the in season/competition.