St Peters and COVID-19

Care, Dignity & Respect at the forefront

Whether you’re a current member of the St Peters community, an Old Scholar, or a prospective family, there’s no escaping mention of COVID-19—the looming elephant in the room. But, at a time when conflicting information is getting circulated on various online platforms and anxiety levels are at an all-time-high, it’s time for a little positive COVID-19 information. “Positive?” you ask…Yes. You read that right!

At St Peters, we pride ourselves on our close-knit College community. ‘Once a St Peters student, always a St Peters student’ has long been the attitude of our Old Scholars and the reach of our St Peters Old Scholars Association (SPOSA) is far and wide. In good times, the St Peters community celebrate together. Reassuringly, in the uncertain times of the past few months, our community still stands strong.

So just how has St Peters Lutheran College remained positive despite the coronavirus? Three words—care, dignity and respect.

COVID-Education Planning

Like many institutions in the Brisbane school catchment area (and nation-wide), the focus of the last few weeks has been on COVID-Education Planning. At St Peters, our teachers and support staff have gone above and beyond to ensure that the education of our students remains the paramount priority. From learning new technologies, to developing lesson plans that can meet curriculum requirements while being online, the creative solutions they’ve established have been nothing short of inspirational.

Our St Peters teachers are life-long learners. They’re committed to their students, passionate about education and readily take on challenges without question. Despite global uncertainty, the care our teachers have shown toward their work and the St Peters community is proof that we will be able to continue to deliver the high standards of education we’re known for as we all ride this virus out. 

In This Together

‘Social Distancing’ and ‘Self-Isolation’ are new terms that have become familiar over the last month, but, at St Peters, so has ‘In This Together’. Dealing with the Coronavirus has been a whole-of-College approach—from our Works and House Keeping staff who’ve installed and implemented extra sanitisation processes; to our IT and eLearning teams who have been working tirelessly to support online learning and our teachers who’ve adapted lesson plans to encourage the ‘1.5 Metre Apart’ rule. On top of this, our student and parent communities have embraced the changes with the same level of dignity and respect.

St Peters (the whole College) has adopted an attitude based around support and community. Extra tutoring has been offered by almost 50 Old Scholars; parents have ensured the lines of communication have remained open between themselves and the College; our Junior High and Senior School students have established online study groups; and even our Primary Years students have developed mental health fact-sheets for the College community, just because they care. In times of crisis, it’s important to have a good community around you and, at St Peters, we definitely have that.

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