Pioneer Teachers

St Peters and the Flexible Classroom

In recent years, St Peters has become well known for its ability to embrace world class digital learning opportunities across both the Indooroopilly and Springfield campuses. True to the College motto of Plus Ultra, however, being well known isn’t where it stops. Throughout the year, our teachers and support staff have been pushing Ever Higher in their efforts to promote digital learning. The result? Some extremely exciting uses of technology within our classrooms!

Using WiDi

One of the best examples of how St Peters is embracing world class digital learning opportunities in the classroom is the way in which teachers are using WiDi (Wireless Displays). WiDi provides a range of options for flexible learning in classrooms. The technology is built into Windows laptops and it allows teachers to ‘cast’ their learning materials onto large screens and projectors around the classroom.

Benefits of WiDi

WiDi is a technology that frees up teacher movement around the classroom—no longer must they be stuck to one spot, out the front of the class. With WiDi, teachers can walk between groups, carrying just their laptops. In real time, they can sit with students who require more attention, while still providing live instructions, notes and diagrams to the rest of the class.

St Peters Indooroopilly teachers, Ashleigh Walters and Emma Egan, shared their experiences with this earlier in the year. At St Peters Springfield, pioneering teacher, Caitlin Knight, has taken the use of WiDi one step further.

The next step

At Springfield, Caitlin has developed a method for sharing to not just one screen, but two. This use of WiDi increases classroom flexibility even further and gives students more choice about where they’d like to learn within the classroom.

“We start most lessons in a traditional format,” she says, “but then transition to flexible seating around the classroom.”

WiDi allows Caitlin’s students to work in an environment that best-suits their needs.

“I find that most students like to work with partners or in small groups, however I do have about five students in each class that choose to work independently.”

So, what does Caitlin’s classroom look like?

Currently there is one fixed whiteboard with a projector and one TV on wheels with WiDi capability. Caitlin’s students can choose to sit anywhere near these two screens, depending on what they’re working on.

“Having multiple screens allows me to project differentiated class work to the two screens around the room. Different groups can then get the instructions and information they need most,” Caitlin says. “I have also trialled allowing the students to connect their devices to the TV (via WiDi) when they’re working on group assignments to share ideas and seek feedback.”

The best part…

Caitlin says that her use of WiDi in the classroom has allowed for more effective monitoring of student progress and understanding. It has also allowed her to more closely monitor their online behaviour! While Caitlin is not the only one using WiDi technology at St Peters, she is certainly pushing its use ever higher. According to the University of Salford in the UK, such technology has been shown to increase overall learning outcomes in school, so we’re lucky that she is!

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