Going Beyond Learning and Creativity

The Centre for Learning and Innovation (CLI), which opened in April 2023, has emerged as a vibrant hub for learning and creativity within the St Peters educational landscape. The eLearning Team has embraced the transformative potential presented by this new building, utilising technology to pave the way for innovative learning experiences.

Enhancing Creativity Through Technology

The CLI was designed to provide staff and students with contemporary teaching and learning spaces and avenues to explore creativity through modern technology. Equipped with state-of-the-art tools like laser cutters and 3D printers, the CLI is enhancing the learning experience across different subjects. For instance, Entrepreneurial Studies students in Year 10 are now able to bring their ideas to life by 3D printing or laser cutting components for their design prototypes, fostering a hands-on approach to learning.

Blending the Digital and Physical

The CLI offers unique opportunities for students to think beyond traditional boundaries. In Christian Studies, students create a digirama, a project that combines digital and physical elements. Leveraging laser cutters, students can now enhance their projects by designing and creating bespoke physical items, adding depth and creativity to their work. Also, the Digital co-curricular students have incorporated laser cutters and 3D printers into their robot-building process in readiness for their upcoming national competition.

Expanding Access to Specialised Equipment

Traditionally, such specialised equipment has been confined to certain subjects, leaving many students and teachers without access to these resources. However, with the establishment of dedicated areas like maker spaces within the CLI, these tools are now accessible across all subject areas. From laser cutters and 3D printers to sewing machines and art and craft supplies, the CLI fosters an inclusive environment where creativity is unlimited.

Unlocking Multimedia Potential

The CLI's multimedia facilities further enhance the College’s creative environment, offering students and staff a platform to explore various forms of expression. Equipped with recording studios, green screens and podcasting rooms, students can unleash their creativity through high-quality video, audio and presentations.

Embracing Innovation

The CLI has only been open a short time but has already generated a buzz of excitement and enthusiasm as it has come to life with its array of contemporary spaces and innovative learning opportunities. We look forward to continuing to provide training for both staff and students, enabling them to develop future-ready skills and explore creative and futuristic ideas, leveraging the equipment now available.

Rachael Yates
eLearning Facilitator (Curriculum Leader)