DoE challenges provide goals for the soul

The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award (DoE) has been around for 60 years, across 130 countries, with over eight million participants. St Peters works with the DoE program to empower young Australians from 14–24 to achieve their best through personal discovery. 

Earlier this month a group of St Peters’ students embarked on their Adventure Journey at Moogerah Peaks National Park. For three nights the team camped, canoed in the Moogerah Dam and on their final day hiked up Mount Edwards. 

The Adventure Journey is part of a requirement to progress through their DoE levels—to work towards their Bronze, Silver or Gold Awards. Each level they work through takes six months (Gold takes 12 months) and has four sections:

  • Service: Participating as a volunteer to make a positive contribution to society
  • Physical Recreation: Improving fitness and performance for a healthy lifestyle
  • Skills: To broaden talents and abilities to improve self confidence and employability
  • Adventurous Journey: Gain a deeper understanding of the environment and discover a spirit of adventure
  • Residential project (Gold only): Taking part in a worthwhile project and build new relationships with other young people while staying in an unfamiliar environment.

First-hand experience in journey of a lifetime

Grace, SPLC Year 10 student, went to the recent Adventure Journey to complete her Silver DoE on her third practice journey. “The Award is a great recognition for the efforts you’ve put in throughout the year. You might pick up a music skill or keep up your physical recreation. I’m not a physical person so this forces me to exercise every week.”

“Teamwork makes everything work so you just have to work together, encourage and support each other.”

For anyone thinking about the DoE Grace says to “definitely go for it. I wasn’t really sure if I was able to do it because I didn’t feel I was ready to canoe for two days—or hike. It was a bit scary but I went. With a group you don’t even realise the days are passing by—it’s a lot of fun. Definitely do it!”

SPLC Year 12 student, Renée, went on the Adventure Journey for her Silver qualifier. To reach her Silver she had to have six months of a Skill, a Service and Sport as well as her Adventure qualifier. “It’s so much fun and gives you a lot of life experience. It also gives you a chance to learn different skills for example Service teaches you about compassion and caring.”

Because you’re in a team across different ages and grades, Renée says, “it gives you a chance to work with people you wouldn’t normally meet. It’s a really good opportunity to make new friends.”

Tess, Year 11 SPLC student agrees, “you get to meet a whole lot of new friends. The DoE pushes your limits and allows you to do things you wouldn’t normally do. It’s really important—it gives you new experiences.”